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It may be related to a Transmission sensor. Once the sensor is triggered, the OD will not be available until the code is cleared. Have the code read and cleared, and the malfunction checked.

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โˆ™ 2007-03-05 23:11:36
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Q: Why won't the overdrive work in a 1994 Ford Explorer?
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What could be wrong with a 1994 Ford Explorer that wont turn on and the headlights keep flashing?

The flashing lights are probably the factory alarm.

Why wont 1996 ford explorer start you can crank it but it wont start?

no spark

Why wont my 1991 ford escort shift into overdrive?

A 1991 Ford Escort will not shift into overdrive if the overdrive switch has been turned off or the transmission is failing. A mechanic or local dealership can diagnose and repair both issues.

Why does my 1995 Ford Explorer just clicks and won't start?

why wont my 1995 ford explorer not start? It just makes a clicking noise?

Why wont your 1999 ford explorer start on a hill?

How low is your gas tank ?

How do you turn off 2007 ford explorer alarm?

my ford f-150 truck alarm wont shut off

Why won't a transmission shift out of first gear on a 2001 ford explorer?

my 2001 ford windstar wont shift out of first gear.

Why wont your 77 ford transmission shift into over drive?

Mainly because the C6 transmission only has 3 gears and no overdrive.

Why wont my 1996 Lincoln Town Car shift into overdrive?

On my 1994 there is a button in the end of the gear shift arm. This turns off the overdrive and the dash says "Overdrive Off" above the odometer and gas mileage messages. Other than that, I don't know.

Taillights or dashlights wont work when headlights are on for a ford explorer 1991 could it be the light switch?


How do you open ford explorer when door wont open and the battery dead?

Use the key to open the door.

Ford Explorer driver door lock?

you can lock the driver side door on my 2001 ford explorer sport but it wont unlock with key nor key pad you have to go through passanger door

1994 Ford Explorer wont accelarate past 30mph without rpms going way up what could be the problem?

Sounds like a plugged catalytic converter. Sounds to me like the automatic transmission is not shifting.

Why wont the engine start in a 1994 Ford Falcon?

about 500 reasons, possibly more

Gear stick wont go into gear clutch saxo?

1999 ford explorer 4.0 manual transmission gear shifter wont fit on shaft

Why would a Ford explorer die at a stop but wont go until it is run in reverse?

check the speed sensor

Your 1999 ford explorer wont start when you put the key in?

It may be the key, if you had one made it may not be electronic.

1994 Ford Taurus will not go into third gear?

Why wont my 1994 Ford Taurus GL 6cyl Auto transmission shift into third(high) gear. It will only reach speeds of about 35mph +/-

Why my 95 Montero doesn't shift the overdrive?

95 mitsubishi montero sr wont shift to overdrive why

Will a car start with a disabled overdrive?

yes it will start it just wont go into overdrive when you are driving it drrba

What if your overdrive wont turn on?

Start with checking the fuses.

Ford explorer door lock switch wont lock passenger side door?

Lock on driver frot side is not working

1995 toyta 4 runer not shifting in overdrive?

overdrive wont let you shift into foruth? its made to not let you

My 1994 ford explorer wont start. The starter turns over and sometimes it will start then sputter out when you step on the gas. what can it be?

A bad fuel pump will cause your vehicle to not start or sputter and then stall. A dirty air filter can have the same symptoms.

Why wont your 97 Ford Explorer get fire to the spark plugs and distribitur cap?

I'm not a mechanic / technician but I was looking at the 1997 Ford Explorer fuse panel diagram and I noticed that fuse # 19 is a 25 amp fuse for the ignition coil and PCM system