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Possible malfunction with the alarm. Thats if the car has an alarm (mine doesnt)

Could be a possible defect with the light switch itself which also opperates the parking lights.

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โˆ™ 2007-08-20 07:19:41
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Q: Why won't the parking lights go out in a Dodge Spirit?
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Why the tails lights and parking lights don't wont on a 98 grandmatquis?

grand marquis

Why wont your parking lights turn off?

There are a number of reasons why your parking lights won't turn off. There could be a wiring problem in the system.

Will the battery run down if parking lights wont turn off?

Of course.

Why wont Dash lights on 94 dodge ram pickup come on?

Bad parking/tailight fuse? Open in rheostat (dimmer switch)? Bad light switch? Bulbs?

98 Dodge Ram driving lights wont go off?

You need to replace the daytime running lights control module

94 F250 parking lights wont turn off replaced relays switch still wont turn off?

check for short to power in the circuit

Why wont my Dodge ram 3500 start after replacing the batteries Wont turn over no noise no clicking nothing Dash lights up lights radio works?

one word. starter..

How do you repair the stop lights that wont shut off on a 1997 Nissan Sentra even when parking lights and engine are off?

Check the adjustment of the brake light switch.

Why wont your dash lights work on 1996 dodge Dakota fuses are all good?

Switch most likely.

Brake lights and signal lights work on your 1985 s-10 but the headlights parking lights radio intrument lights and horn wont All fuses are good Someone said mabye the relay but where's the relay?

on the back of the car

1985 dodge ram the tail lights wont work with the lights on both turn signals blink when you turn on the drivers side and there are no brake lights with the lights on what could be the problem?

check your ground wire in the back

Dodge spirit wont come outa low gear?

Try to change the transmission filter, or check the shifting linkage.

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