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Why won't the receptacle reset?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-08 21:10:04

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Check your circuit breaker. The receptacle may be malfunctioning or you may be overloading the circuit when trying to do the reset.

2006-08-08 21:10:04
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Q: Why won't the receptacle reset?
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How do you reset a GFI receptacle?

Press the reset button on the GFI... If it does not reset then 1 of 2 things is going on...either the receptacle is bad or it is not getting power to it.

How do you reset a GFCI outlet?

Push the reset button in the center of the receptacle. When you first power up a GFCI receptacle is will automatically trip, just reset and you will be good to go.

Why did the Gfci reset but still no power to outlet?

When power is first applied to a GFCI receptical they will trip the reset. This has to be reset to power the receptacle. If it was wired wrong then the breaker feeding the receptacle may have tripped. Check the source for the receptacle at the electrical panel to see if the breaker tripped the circuit.

The cigarette lighter wont work in my 4runner and the fuse is good?

Check behind the receptacle, it may be unplugged.

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Can I install a GFCI receptacle from an existing receptacle in the basement?

Yes, there is no reason why this can not be done. In fact a benefit of this is that every receptacle downstream from this new receptacle will also be protected by the GFCI receptacle.

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How do you say receptacle in french?

the same : receptacle

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What is the charateristics of the receptacle?

Characteristics of a receptacle is the rating in amps and the pin configuration, which govern the use that the receptacle is approved for.

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What is a split receptacle?

You can electrically separate a duplex receptacle by removing the link between the top and bottom receptacle. This is a split receptacle. One could be hot always and the other be on a switch.

How do you use receptacle in a sentence?

we used a receptacle to hold the cookies.

Can a single phase receptacle be tapped off a three phase receptacle?

No, pull in a separate feed for the single phase receptacle.

Is there a reset button on a Frigidaire affinity washer?

my frigidaire affinity washer wont drain

What is the proper type of meter for testing a GCFI receptacle?

Any electrical meter which measures volts or a standard plug tester. (the ones which plug into the receptacle and light up indicator lights) As long as the receptacle measures 110-120V between the hot and neutral, and measures 110-120V between the hot and ground, then it is wired correctly and supplying correct voltage with ground reference. To determine if the GFCI is "tripping" or opening the circuit when it should, simply press the test button. If it doesn't trip, (or reset correctly with the reset button) replace the device.

What is the function of the receptacle of a flower?

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What is the function of the seminal receptacle in an earthworm?

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The hot wire on a 3 prong receptacle?

The hot wire on a 3 prong receptacle is on the right hand side when you face the receptacle straight on.