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I had the same problem with my civic, my distributor had gone bad. It wasnt lubricating properly, and eventually it died and I got a new one. There may be a break in one of the vacuum lines or rubber tubes that come off the rochester 2se carburetor or one of the many other vacuum lines. I know-I had my truck shut off and not crank up again due to a dry rotted rubber vacuum line which sometimes are hard to see or find. Have you tried replacing your air filter and breather filter. I was having a problem with my '84 S10. It would not stay running unless you kept your foot on the accelerator, especially in the mornings after it had set for a while. I simply changed these two filters and changed the air temp. sensor, (located inside the breather) and now all is well. It only cost me around $30.00.

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Does a Fuel pump need to stay on constintly for 97 f 150?

It needs to stay on all the time the truck is running.

What causes the fuel pump to constantly stay on for a 1994 Chevrolet S10 blazer?

As long as the engine is running, it is normal for the fuel pump to run constantly.

Why would pump stay running longer than 10 seconds when trying to start?

the pump stays running as long as it needs to to keep the pressure up. If you think it should not, check for pressure leaks in the fuel system.

Why does your 2000 Taurus start but not stay running unless you keep your foot on the gas pedal?

First thing to check / replace is the fuel filter. Next suspect is going to be the fuel pump, and if it is generating sufficient fuel line pressure.

Your 1988 Mazda rx7 will not stay running unless you pour gas directly into the carburetor?

Sounds like a dud fuel pump to me. Check all the wires first . Funny though , 87 rx7 had no carburetor...it has electronic fuel injection.

Why won't my car stay running unless my foot is on gas?

Could be a bad fuel sending unit. Could be a bad fuel pump. Could be a partially blocked fuel filter. Could be a blocked injector. Your best bet is to get into the shop for diagnostic.

Why does your car start but wont stay running?

My car starts and runs fine .Yours may need a fuel filter or pump.

What are the symptoms of a fuel pump going out on a 2003 silverado?

Hard to start, Not wanting to run, Low power, won't stay running.

Is the fuel pump that's making my car not stay running?

Can be, and can also be a clogged fuel filter. A fuel pressure test will verify this.

How long should sump pump stay on?

A sump pump should only run for 10 seconds or less, and should only cycle 2 times per hour. If it is running too long or too often, you may have a drainage issue.Ans 2 - Does your sump pump have a check valve to prevent pumped water running back to the pump ?

Why can't you get your 1990 Pontiac Transport to stay running after replacing the fuel pump?

Check the fuel filter. If your pump went bad, there's a good chance the filter is now very clogged.

Fuel pump does not pump in on position but does pump when starting and Coil does not fire all the time are these related?

Coil and fuel pump are two separate systems. Should not affect each other directly. I replace the distributor and can now get the car to start and stay running. Thankss

I changed the water pump on my 1990 Camry v6 and now the car has no power and won't stay running?

Your water pump runs off of the timing belt. Your timing needs to be re-adjusted now.

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