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You probably have synchronizer problems. More than likely 5th gear is also difficult since 5th and reverse share the same synchronizer. Whatever the case, someone will have to go into the tranny to fix it.

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Q: Why won't your 1988 Ford Ranger 5 speed transmission go into reverse?
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How many quarts of transmission fluid in a 5 speed transmission 88 Ford Ranger?

In a 1988 Ford Ranger : If you have the Mazda 5 speed manual transmission ( transmission code " M " ) it takes ( 2.8 U.S. quarts of MERCON automatic transmission fluid ) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have a Mitsubishi 5 speed manual transmission ( transmission code " D " ) it takes ( 2.4 U.S. quarts of 80 - 90 W gear lube )

What transmission oil do you use in a 1988 Ford Ranger 4x4 5spd?

In a 1988 Ford Ranger : With the 2.9 liter V6 engine , 4X4 : It has the Mitsubishi FM146 5 speed manual transmission ( transmission code " D " ) that takes ( 2.4 U.S. quarts of 80-90W gear lube )

What kind of transmission fluid do you use in a 1988 ford ranger 2.3 5 speed?

automatic transmission fluid,preforably a synthetic or synthetic blended fluid.

What is the fluid for M50D-R1 transmission 1988 2.9L 5 speed?

For a 1988 Ford Ranger : M5OD-R1 , 5 speed manual transmission ( transmission code " M " ) 2.9 liter V6 engine , rear wheel drive ( 2.8 U.S. quarts of MERCON automatic transmission fluid is used )

How can you tell if your 1987 Ford Ranger has a Mazda or a Mitsubishi transmission?

I believe there is an information sticker that can be seen with the drivers door open Transmission code " D " is a Mitsubishi manual transmission Transmission code " X " is a Toyo Koygo 4 speed manual transmission Transmission code " 5 " is a Toyo Koygo 5 speed manual transmission on a 1987 Ford Ranger according to ( www . the ranger station . com , no spaces , click on Tech Library ) The website shows that the Mazda transmission was used from 1988 on

Where is the transmission fluid dip stick in a 5 speed 1988 Ford Ranger?

Ford manual transmissions do not have dipsticks like most Ford automatics do The manual transmission fluid level is checked at the fill plug on the transmission

Where do you find the dipstick for a manual 1988 ford ranger?

The manual transmission doesn't have a dipstick , there will be a fill plug on the transmission

1988 Pontiac fiero gt with a automatic transmission that won't shift in reverse?

Check your Automatic Transmission fluid level

1988 Honda accord problems my automatic transmission won't move in reverse moves but slips in drive 1988 accord lxi with 88000 miles?

add transmission fluid

Will a 4 speed transmission from a 1988 Chevy 1500 2 wheel drive interchange with a 4 speed transmission from a 1988 Chevy 1500 4 wheel drive?

No, the rear section is different.

What Transmission fluid for 1990 Ford Ranger 5 speed 4 x4 2.9 engine?

I have a 1990 Ford Ranger XLT 5 speed 4x4 2.9L standard transmission. I recently had this question and this is what my manual says: For 1988 and on Mitsubishi transmission use SAE 80W transmission fluid For 1988 and on Mazda transmission use Mercon automatic transmission fluid For the transfer case '88 and on, it uses the Mercon automatic transmission fluid. The differentials use a "high grade lubricant" that is a different fluid than the transmission uses. I used Haynes. Look on page 1-2 for a list of all the lubricants and fluids and Chapter 7 for more information about the different transmissions.

Will a 1999 Ford Ranger Transmission fit in a 1993 Ford Ranger?

Updated --- No, because starting in 1994 ford started using Mazda engines. So the 1999 ranger will have a whole different transmission than the 1993. Incorrect.-------- Mazda has manufactured transmissions for the Ranger since 1988. The model numbers are the same from 1988 to present, M5OD-R1, with the exception of the 1997 to present 4.0 SOHC, which uses the M5OD-R1HD transmission.

Where's the speed sensor for 1988 crx?

It is a gear that plugs into the transmission. There is a cable coming from the firewall that goes to the transmission.

What kind of transmission does an 1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer have?

Chrysler torqueflite 727, it is a 3 speed automatic transmission.

What kind of transmission comes in a 1988 k5 blazer 4x4?

There are 4 different options for the type of transmission that came in a 1988 K5 Blazer. They are the 4 speed SM465 manual, the 3 speed TH350 automatic, the 3 speed TH400 automatic and the 4 speed 700R4 automatic.

Will a 5 speed transmission from a 1988 Camaro fit a 1992 Camaro?


Will a 1988 FWD bronco 2 transmission fit a 1987 2wd ranger?

no the transmissions are different and it wont work.

Will a 1990 CRX 5 speed transmission interchange with a 1988 Honda civic 5 speed transmission?

yes they are the same transmission, does not matter if the engine is a d15 1.5 liter or a d16 1.6 liter

What size transmission came in a1988 ford bronco?

I'm not sure what you mean by what size, but if you are talking about how many speeds, I believe the early 1988 Broncos came with a 3-speed transmission and the later 1988s came with a 3-speed with overdrive. Most of the information I've found online shows that the 1988 came with the 3-speed, but I own a 1988 (it was built towards the end of 1988) and it has the 3-speed with overdrive.

What years will fit 5 speed transmission for 1988 Nissan pickup?

89 and 90

Can you show you the inside of the manual transmission for a 1988 ford ranger with a 2.9 liter engine?

haynes online the have auto manuals

Where is the slave cylinder on a 1988 ranger four wheel drive with 2.9 liter engine?

The slave cylinder for a manual transmission hydraulic clutch is inside the manual transmission bellhousing

How do you unlock a 1988 VW Golf Manual Transmission that is stuck in reverse?

buy a new one you lost your shifting fork.

Did any 1988 Honda civic's sadans come with a 6 speed manual transmission?


What does vacuum do for transmission performance in a 1988 Pontiac Formula 5 speed 350 engine?