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This can be a silly problem,

If your car is a console shift (on the floor) there is a cable or other device that will manually be depressed when the shifter if moved forward to the park position.

That is to say that a tab located under your shifter cover that is a part of the steel body of the shifter itself, moves forward and pushes in on a little small button at the end of a cable, the cable is usually "hardmounted" with two nuts that are threaded on a steel jacket at the end if the cable and fully adjustable. if you need a visual look at a set of brakes on a ten speed bike, you can see how the cable is adjustable at the brake body itself. If you back off 1 nut, you can tighten the other to apply more pressure to the cable as the brakes wear in, and the second nut is used as a lock / retainer nut. You will need to remove the center console cover to get a look at the shifter and it's base. If your cable is visible and it should be, if looks like an oversized speedometer cable, it will disappear under the carpet. if you back the nuts off you can remove the cable and try to depress it with your thumb with the key in the ignition to see if that's the problem, (just not being depressed fully to release key) or is there a problem in your steering coloum. If it's the cable, just adjust the nuts so the button if firmer against the shifter tab. This info is limited as i have only encountered this on fords, but i hope i was of some help.

AnswerTry moving the steering wheel back and forth as you try to get the keys out . Mine does this sometimes but the keys come right out with steering wheel movement right ot left. Not the tranie just the key ignition maybe
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Q: Why won't your car recognize it is in park and unlock the key?
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