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check the timing belt if it has broken or stripped its teeth this would cause a complete breakdown u can check this by removing the cover on the end of the engine.there are electrical issues therse would need checking 2 generally its to do with the earths the earth wires in and around the engine bay if and when they give trouble they can cause a non start.if not you will need to get your car to a garge so they can put it on a diagnostic machine .

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Q: Why won't your car start after replacing the heating core and replacing the fuel pump?
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How do you get a 2009 npr started after replacing fuel filter?

To get the 2009 NPR started after replacing the fuel filter, simply start the engine.

Why wont international truck start after replacing fuel filters?

You probably didn't prime the fuel system.

My explorer wont stay on very long?

Start with replacing the fuel filter.

Starts and idles for 45 seconds then dies and start for a while?

I would guess, it is starving for fuel. Start by replacing the fuel filter. If that does not help, suspect the fuel pump.

How long does it take for a fuel gauge to start working after replacing it?

as soon as you start the vehicle it should register

After replacing the fuel pump and fuel filter the engine still does not start until the fuel tank buzzing goes off. 1995 Ford Explorer?

try replacing the delta pressure feedback sensor. this fixed my explorer.Or you can try replacing the relay.

Do you need to repressurize the fuel line after replacing the fuel filter on a 95 ford?

no just go ahead and start engine

What is the heating value of a fuel?

The heating value of a fuel is the heat released during combustion of the fuel.

Why Fire lighter the best fuel for heating water?

because it can start fire witch is hot.

My 98 Ford Taurus won't start engine turning ok but will not start what do I check for?

Try replacing the fuel pressure regulator

Why car runs for 2 minutes only?

Could be as simple as a very dirty fuel filter. I would start with replacing the fuel filter.

Why wont your car start after replacing the fuel pump on a 1999 ford escort 2.0?

Check that the 'new' fuel pump is actually pumping.

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