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Check the main relay under the dashboard the fuel filtr and distributer.

AnswerCheck the distributor cap, rotor, and spark plug wires. With the distributor cap removed, crank the engine to see if the distributor is turning if not you probably have a broken timing belt.
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Where is starter on 89 Honda Accord?

follow the positive wire from your battery and it plugs into your seloniod which is connected to your starter.

What are the major components of the ignition system?

Ignition switch, coils, starter, alternator, spark plugs. plug wires, battery.

Where is the ignition module located?

The ignition module is located between the starter and the spark plugs on most vehicles.

How does the ignition in Rx7 turbo works?

dont wanna sound condescending but believe it or not its exactly the same as the ignition system from any other auto maker. comprised of a battery, coils, plugs and a starter motor. any ignition issues shoudl be easily resolved by any competant local mechanic. dont wanna sound condescending but believe it or not its exactly the same as the ignition system from any other auto maker. comprised of a battery, coils, plugs and a starter motor. any ignition issues shoudl be easily resolved by any competant local mechanic.

What causes no spark in 1990 Ford Tempo?

Faulty Ignition System. Dead battery. Dead Coil. Worn out Ignition "Wires" to Plugs. Corroded Battery Cable to Starter. Corrosion at Battery Terminals. Engine Ground Problem thereof eliminating complete Electrical Circuit. Blown Fuses or Relays. Faulty Ignition Switch. Hope one of these is it!! CHEERS!!

An ignition coil transforms voltage from a battery to create what?

This intriguing subject brought forth an incredible search of the internet. It turns out the ignition coil transforms voltage from a battery in order to create an electric spark in the spark plugs which leads to the ignition of fuel.

Why would a 96 Dodge Dakota that has plenty of gas and was running fine suddenly not start?

You might want to test the ignition coil, battery, distributor (both type's can be tested), starter, starter relay or coil, and spark plugs to rule out which is causing the problem these are the basic components for starting the engine

Why won't a 1993 Mercury Villager start or turn-over?

Won't turn over? 1-Bad starter 2-No power to starter: discharged battery, bad battery or loose connection 3-No signal to starter: bad ignition switch or starter relay or blown fuse or security 4-Engine stuck: Belt driven accessory problem (remove belts) or hydraulic lock (remove spark plugs) or seized engine or transmission problem

1994 Suzuki Swift replaced starter last week.Still sometimes does not start Check battery and replaced battery connections. Can you please help?

Try replacing the spark plugs /wires and distrubuter cap if it doessnt work still you may have a bad ignition coil or fuel problems

Why wont your 1998 Volvo start?

Could be a number of reasons.. weak or dead battery, bad starter, bad ignition switch, incorrect distributor placement, bad spark plugs... need to know the actual symptoms to narrow it down.

What would drain a 1998 Kia Sephia battery when the car isn't even running?

could be you starter solenoid. The part of the starter that the cable from the battery plugs in. Experienced something like that on an old car that I had as a teen. Jay is the name

After changing the starter relay the selinoid why wont it start?

check your wiring to selinoid and relay and battery posts also make sure plugs and or wires are good and check the battery

Why your 1992 Honda accord DX do not start?

ignition module, timing belt. plugs .distributor and wires fuel problem---pump. wrong key. no gas left.

Can you use NGK Iridium spark plugs in your 1996 Honda Accord?

NGK Iridium spark plugs are fine for your 1996 Honda Accord.

Ford fiesta and it won't start i got a new starter motor but it still won't start what could it be?

Could be heater plugs if its a diesel or maybe the battery. Check the earth (ground) cables between the engine and body for cleanliness and security of connection. Turn the ignition key, you should hear the starter solenoid 'click'. If it does, the cable from the battery to the starter is a fused link, connect a starter cable between the battery and starter motor solenoid and try to start. If there is no 'click' the fault is either the ignition switch or the wiring from the solenoid to it. If the car is automatic it should only start in Park (P) and Neutral (N). check the operation of the gearbox start inhibit switch. If an aftermarket alarm is fitted check the security and cleanliness of the wiring connections, especially the immobilizer circuit.

My 1995 Ford Fiesta doesn't start?

If you try hitting the starter with a hammer it should get it turning again..if its not that,its your battery or plugs.. Regards, Michael,

What would make a Daewoo not start?

Most probably its the starter coil. That's evident if on turning the ignition key, there is a clicking sound. It may be also bad alternator with a worn out battery No fuel getting to engine or spark plugs not firing for some reason. Sorry, you have to find out which.

Why does your engine in your 2000 Chevy Suburban lose power and die?

Troubleshooting a stall condition should include the following systems. If electrical the battery, alternator and starter should be first checked. Fuel and ignition system problems include the plugs, coils, wires, injectors and pump.

04 neon won't do anything lights come on try to start and nothing?

If the lights come on, it's obviously not the battery. It could be a number of things. IE spark plugs, ignition switches, starter, alternator etc. Also, you should make sure you have gas in the car... -_-

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