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Why won't your game shark work?

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It depends on your system, if your using a emulator, such as VBA, or NO$GBA, you have either inserted the code for another game, or, you have inserted the code wrong.

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Why wont y game shark for the Game Boy advance Sp work?

i had the same problem and right now I'm tryin to figure it out :(

Why wont your game shark realize your game?

your game may have been released after the version of gameshark you have.

Can you use a ps1 game shark for ps3?

Not true, it runs on the ps3 but the disk that i own is scratched up so it displays nothing but i can hear the sound. No, It will not work, the system will "reset" itself when you take the game shark disk out and place the game you intend to play. It wont even load the game shark disk at all.

How do you get game shark?

my thing that says game shark codes it doesnt work do i have to download it or something

What is the code to have 99 mater ball in Pokemon emerald?

you have to get a game shark for your game and insert the game pack inot the shark them select unlimited master balls and you will get them but it wont be unlimited anyway

Does a game shark made for Game Boy Advance SP work for Game Boy?


Does a gba game shark work for an Sp?


Will game shark gba work on ds?

it is banned

What if you buoght a game from a different country?

It wont work in your game system

Does Pokemon Silver work on a GBA Game shark?

No it doesnt

Do you have to by a game shark disk for it too work?

i think so.

Why won't your feral heart game work?

it wont work for me either

Will a game shark work in a Game Boy slot in the Nintendo Ds?

no, only a replay

Why wont club penguin work?

because is a game

How do you put in a GameShark for n64?

You place the Game Shark in the console first, than place the desired game into the top of the Game Shark. After this you turn on the system. If you have a newer version of a Game Shark than you should see a blue title screen saying Game Shark with the logo. If you don't see this, than chances are you have an older version Game Shark and it won't for every game, but it will still work for a majority of them.

Why wont your ps2 game work?

Often the game disc is scratched and damaged

Will a Nintendo 64 game work on a Nintendo SNES?

No they wont work on a SNES.

Does hungry shark game iPod Touch work on iPod nano?


Can a computer game work with a wii?

No it wont work Computer games only work on pc

Why wont ben10 game creator work?

look at the Discussion,you will get the answer

Will a PS2 game from USA work for a PS2 from Japan?

no it wont.

Why wont your Animal Crossing game work?

no it was brand new

Why wont the capture other people's Pokemon work on my game?

Because the game hates you =]

Can you trade Pokemon from Game Boy to Game Boy advance?

no i tried it wont work =(

Why wont my game shark for the Game Boy advance Sp work?

do you you mean the Nintendo thing does not pop up or on the ds it says no gba game inserted or something like that. If that happens you need to email them a complaint (that's what im doing) find the email address at