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Possibly the soil is too rich in nitrogen which promotes leaf growth at the expense of flowers. Potassium is necessary for flowering as is phosphorus but you have to get the balance right. Ash is high in potassium.

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Can gerbera daisies be grown indoors?

if they wont get planty of sunlight they wont bloom

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Try feeding them with a high Potash feed.

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is proper wayFirst I want to ask u don't cuts the Roses caz its good to be there on his places ,and if u want to cut Roses don't cut stright like{ ___ } always cut like \ or this/ not stright ok godd bye AnswerCut the bloom just above where two leaves join the stem,slanting the cut downwards to end above the join.That will make sure you'll get new growth from that point. Answerroses have two kinds of leaves, one with three leavelets and one with five leaflets. when a lower dies cut down to a leave with 5 leaflets to improve the chance of a new flowergrowing. look for one pointing out from the center of the bush so that the new growth wont shade the rest of the winter when the rose is dormant many people trim it back hard to keep its shape, it isn't necessary only an estetic issue. you can also trim the bush hard in summer but make sure its gets planty of water.

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