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You have a corrided loose or bad ground wire

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Q: Why wont 99 jeep start when turning the key engine wont crank and gauges spin and weird tapping noise in dash tried again a few minutes later everything was fine HELP?
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I remove the head covers and nothing seems to be broken in there its making a tapping noise could the oil pump be doing that?

When does it make a tapping noise? When your !) braking and turning wheel B) braking c) engine idling D) starting engine E) turning. I mean it just all depends....

Why is your peguet 406 making a loud tapping sound from the engine?

The loud tapping sound can be caused by a complete heating of the engine. Worn tappets can also cause the tapping sound.

What is making a tapping sound when the 2002 Buick engine is cold?

Not to worry it is the valves in the engine tapping because there is not enough oil pressure yet for the fluid lifters to take up the slack in the valve train, that is why it goes away after a few minutes and also why you should always let your engine warm up before driving. a rod nock

Why tappet noise come in engine?

A tapping noise might come into the engine because of heat damage to the lifters of the motor. You might also hear a tapping sound if the engine has been damaged due to a blown head gasket.

Why does the starter motor click instead of turning engine on your 94 Chevy Corsica?

The soleonoid on the starter is bad. When you buy a new starter it comes with the solenoid. Try tapping on the starter with a hammer if it starts after that then this is your problem

What is causing a tapping noise in a Detroit diesel 60 series engine?

Tapping in a diesel engine often means a valve lifter is beginning to fail. It can also mean that sub quality fuel is being used.

1992 Honda prelude why is the fan continueslly running for a few minutes even you turned off the engine?

Honda cars are designed to do this. When the engine is warm the fan will run up to 15 min. after turning the engine off.

How do you get the alternator to turn over?

The alternator is run by a belt connected to the engine. When the engine is running the alternator is turning. The alternator is what produces the electrical current that charges the battery & powers everything electrical while the engine is running. the battery is mainly to start the engine.

Why does my engine make a tapping noise at idle?

possibly low oil or low oil pressure, the tapping may be coming from the oil operated hydraulic lifters.

Why do headlights stay on with engine off on my 96 Pontiac bonniville?

If they stay on for a few minutes before turning off, it is a safety feature that many newer model vehicles have. It's to give you light for a few moments in order to get from your car to your doorstep (assuming it's dark). Usually, if you turn off the lights before turning off the engine, the lights will turn off immediately, and if you turn off the engine before turning off the lights, they will stay on to light your way for a few minutes. If your headlights are not turning off at all, your problem is probably either a faulty headlight switch, or a faulty headlight relay.

Which uses less petrol turning off your engine at traffic lights short queues etc or leaving your engine running?

A good rule of thumb is that it takes as much gas to start your car as it does for the car to run for 3 minutes, in addition your engine takes the most damage from being started as opposed to running continuously. So you should make sure that you're going to be staying where you are for awhile (probably about 5 minutes+) before turning your engine off is actually a good idea.

Is there supposed to be a spark at the plugs when you turn the ignition on but not turning the engine over?

No. It should only spark with the engine turning over.

How do you reset the check engine light on a 1997 Honda Passport?

Disconnect the negative battery cable for a couple of minutes, then reconnect. The CHECK ENGINE light should disappear if everything is okay.

Is it bad not to run a car for 6 months?

I'd give everything a look before you start the engine and after, leave the engine for a few minutes before you start driving but it should be fine.

What could cause a loud tapping noise in a escort engine?

Stuck hydraulic lifter.

What would cause a tapping noise in a car engine in a Nissan Maxima?

loose exhaust

There is a tapping noise in the top your engine what is it?

hydraulic lifter? Rocker arm?

What happen when you run the motorcycle with the choke on?

Nothing realy.. with the choke on the engine receives more fuel making it easier to run with a cold motor. after starting the engine, wait about two minutes before turning it off.

What causes a tapping noise in the engine of a mini van?

after market oil filter have been known to cause engine noises in kia's

Why does your equinox 2005 make a tapping noise when the engine is hot?

Try going to a LIGHTER weight of engine oil. That should solve it.

Engine oil pump in use when?

The oil pump is driven by the distributor shaft, so it's turning whenever the engine is turning.

What is causing a rather steady clicking deep in the engine of your 1998 Infinity QX4?

It could be a multitude of things but is probably the valvetrain tapping. It could be a multitude of things but is probably the valvetrain tapping.

What does it mean when your truck is tapping when you hit the gas?

You may have an exhaust leak very close to the engine.

Why is there is a tapping sound coming from your fiat punto engine and it increasing as you increase speed what could it be?

The noise has been coming from the engine for the past week and I have been told it might be the oil pump not providing oil to the sump. The tapping sound comes from the engine and increases when i change into a higher gear and drive faster. Please help!

Tapping noise in 91 Mazda b2200 engine but no scratches on cylinder wall and no damage 2 piston heads or valves but did compresson test b4 took head apart and 2nd cyl had 80 leakage what could it be?

piston tapping, change your oil from 10 30 w to 5 30 w, that fixed my tapping sound. when the engine warms up it goes away?