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Why wont AC clutch engage on 1998 escort ZX2?

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Most Likely Low With Freon.

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Why Wont my clutch engage on 1999 Jeep Wrangler?

If the clutch won't engage, the clutch disc or pressure plate has probably broke apart. If the clutch won't disengage, the clutch hydraulic fluid reservoir is empty because of a leak in the system.

Ac clutch wont stay engaged?

low freon

How do you know what is broken on a 93 Nissan sentra clutch pedal wen it wont returnit will engage but it wont return by its self?

the slave cylinder is bad

Why blades wont engage 0n your cub cadet 2135 lawnmower?

The clutch is wired with a hot from the battery at all times and requires a ground from the switch to engage. Check for a bad ground wire to the clutch or a bad ground connection.

What could be the problem on a 1998 Ford Ranger if the manual transmission wont go into gear the clutch has full pressure and the gear shif will go in gear but the transmission will nit engage?

you either got air in the hydrolic clutch or the hydrolic clyinder is out .check your fluid level.

Your 2005 accent wont let you shift into gear?

Whatever the car, it has to do with the clutch. If the clutch does not dis-engage the fly wheel, you will be unable to shift or even get it into gear. Check you clutch, pedal, cable, or hydraulic system.

What do you know if clutch is bad?

After you engage a gear and let out the clutch and accelerate the car wont move faster but the RPM's will move up. Also in some rare instances when a clutch disk material separates from the disk its self you wont be able to start the car or even change gears.

Why wont your clutch come back up off the floor and why cant you engage it in your 93 probe gt?

The linkage or cable is broke

What do you do when clutch won't engage?

So to me, " wont engage" means that you release the clutch and the car doesnt move. The clutch " wont disengage" Means that you step on the clutch but you cant get it to go into gear because the clutch didnt work. So the first one, wont engage. The clutch is worn or the pressure plate is busted. You need to pull the transmission and get into it and replace what is bad. The second one. Could be the fluid level is low or has air in it. Try changing the fluid and bleeding the air out of it. When under the car check the metal rod that pushes on the clutch throw arm. It should be moving in and out. Occcasionally the seal breaks and fluid runs out. If not trouble shoot the issue until it does move in and out at least 25 to 30mm. If this is good and moving in and out OK then the throw out bearing, pressure plate or clutch inside the housing is bad. You gotta pull the transmission and look inside to fix it.

Trans am air conditioning wont work?

The A/C Compressor may not be charged with frion if the A/C Clutch does engage, or it may not engage due to fact it's not sending 12v to the electronic wiring. First start the engine and turn on the A/C, watch if the clutch on the compressor engages or not.

Why wont mt 91 ford escort GT start when you push the clutch in It does nothing and all the electrical works?

you may need a new clutch or there may me some sort of sensor or switch that is bad

The clutch wont engage on your 1990 Nissan 240sx and the pedal sucked to the floorboard what is the easiest way to fix this problem?

It depends on the type of clutch linkage. If it's mechanical linkage the clutch could be worn and the rod dropped out. If it's a hydraulic clutch, the clutch master or slave cylinder could be worn out.

1987 Porsche 944 will engage into gear but when you release the clutch you hear a clunk and it wont go what's wrong with it?

The throwout bearing in your clutch is the likely culprit here. Your clutch may be shot in addition, but you are probably looking at a costly fix here.

How do you fix a 1990 Toyota Camry clutch wont engage?

check the slave cylinder,if its dry add fluid and then press the clutchin and out about 15 times

Hyundai Getz clutch will not engage and trying to engage gears results in grinding It was fine last night but now will not work What is the problem and how can it be fixed?

My hyundai wont go in gear the stick feels loose and wobbley whats wron ?

Why wont your clutch work?

my clutch went to the floor what happened?

What happens when you replace the clutch pressure plate throwout bearing and flywheel and the clutch still wont engage all the way?

sounds like you need to bleed the clutch.or the throw out bearing was not installed correctly.or a bad slave cylinder.check the clutch see if you lost any fluid if not all.

When you try to engage your 4high from 2 4h and 4l flashes green and it wont engage yet you can hear 4l engage when you put it in 4l?

when i try to engage 4xhigh from2xh both 4xh and 4xlow flasg green and wont engage,what could be the problem

The clutch on my 1995 ford ranger wont release after i bled it the pedal moves fine but it doesn't engage the clutch so i cant take it out of gear?

Assuming you mean the clutch won't disengage and the system has been bled properly, the pressure plate may be damaged or the clutch disc is installed backwards (if the clutch was just replaced). Also, with some vehicles the clutch master cylinder has to be bench bled before installation.

What is wrong when the clutch won't go into gear?

A clutch does not go into gear. A clutch engages, Normally if a clutch fails to engage it is because it is worn. with a worn out clutch you are able to start the car in gear without your foot on the clutch and the car wont move. Normally before this happens you will notice what is known as a slipping clutch. A slipping clutch means that the engine is turning faster than it should to keep the car moving while in gear. once this starts to happen it does not take long for the whole show to come to a stand still.

Why wont your manual trans engage gears?

There are several different answers, depending on what is happening. If you have a hydraulic clutch, there maybe air in the system that is not allowing the clutch to release. If it is a Mechanical clutch, a linkage may have come loose or broken. A Shifter linkage may have broken or came apart which will not allow the connection from the shift lever to the Transmission.

1998 ford escort ac compressor won't shut off on all settings?

why wont the ac compressor shut off stays on on all settings

Can you swap Ford Escort fuel injectors on a 99 Ford Escort ZX2?

No they are different. The zx2 injectors wont fit an Escort head.

Toyota Previa stater motor won't engage?

Toyota previa starter motor wont engage

How do you tell if slav unit that engages clutch is bad?

clutch wont work will also leak fluid