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Check your fuses

I recently installed an aftermarket stereo and had the problem of the unit turning on and off repeatedly. The factory ground wire was to thin/weak. I grounded my new unit directly to some metal that was inside the dash where the stereo was to be mounted. It worked well and stayed on after that.


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If you have the Xlt you need a harness adapter that wires to the aftermarket radio harness so that it plugs directly into the factory harness for the aerostar.The reason for this is that it has a factory equalizer that can not be bypassed unless you rip it out and run new speaker wires.Scousch makes an adapter for it, the adapter model numbers are FDK4 or FDK2B.

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I don't have the diagram but I would not suggest cutting into the existing factory wiring for GM and Chevy vehicles. If you do, you will lose all of your chimes. This includes the seat belt warning, headlight reminder, door ajar, and low fuel warning. My suggestion is to buy an aftermarket interface harness with a chime. The correct model depends on what options your vehicle has such as Bose Premium Sound and OnStar. Scosche and Crutchfield sell the harnesses and will make sure you get the right one, but Ebay is the cheapest way to go.

it's pretty simple but sort of labor intensive you have to remove the passenger side front seat trace the speaker remote/illumination wires ground and hot hard wire your speaker and remote into the aftermarket wiring harness, ground the system to the frame and proceed as you would with any normal stereo the hard part is figuring out where everything goes and bypassing the stock amp completely they say the make harnesses and kits that will do the trick i have yet to find any that work

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