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there are many different things that it could be check the camshaft positioning sensor, the throttle positioning sensor, and the crankshaft positioning sensor.

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Q: Why wont my car start when it turns over?
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What is wrong with a car if it turns over but wont start?

It is either getting no fuel or no spark.

What relay has to be changed for the car to start?

If the car turns over, gets gas and just will not start try the ignition module. CAR TURNS OVER

Car give a clunk sound and wont start but everthing turns over?

check the fuses to the fuel pump and the fuses to the fuel injectors if you have injectors.

What happens to a car when the fuel pump doesnt work?


Why in your 2000 passat 18t engine sometimes turns but wont start?

The car or vehical was too old.

Car turns over will not start?

Does it have; fuel, spark, compression?

The car has power but will not start you can pop the clutch and it will start but when you turn the key it wont?

Does it turn over? Does it turn over?

Car turns over but won't start?

There are a number of things that may cause your car to turns over but not start. This may be due to insufficiency of gas or a problem with the car battery among others. You might need a professional mechanic to resolve the problem.

1997 vw polo i topped up the oil to just below the top marker on the dipstick but when i try to start the car it turns over ok but wont start and the oil light flashes?

Try changing the oil filter.

What if your 1985 Mercedes 190e starts lovely when cold but if it has run and try to restart no chance til engine cold again?

Does the engine turn over but not start or it does not turn over till cold? If the latter is the answer then your kick start is the problem. REPLY The car turns over but wont start.

99 Toyota Tacoma wont start battery is fine radio turns on when key is turned car wont even turn over what could be wrong?

if all the other electronic parts work such as lights and and horn then it's probably a starter selinoid!

1990 olds toronado wont start when its warm up?

the starter may be worn on your car if it starts up easily when its cold but slowly turns over when it is at the operating temperature. Replace the starter to your engine.

Car wont start wont even turn over the lights are on so its not the battery?

try testing the starter

Why does it start Subaru 4wd 1.8 auto car starts but when you stop at traffic light it turns off then cant start it until 5 minutes later it cranks sometimes wont start at all after parked for while?

Hello, i have simillar problem. I live in Sweden and i have Volvo 440, when i start the car it works for almost 5 to 10 minutes, then suddenly turns off and i wont be able to start it again until 5 minutes, or sometimes it wont start again. Please help me.

Why your car won't start?

why my car wont start? i have a 1994 Toyota tercell and it wont start up.

Will a car start if the timing belt is broken?

If The Timing Belt Turns The Camshaft, Which It Does. And The Belt Is Broken The Camshaft Will Not Open And Close The Valves . IT CAN NOT START OR RUN> No. It might start but wont run very well because it wont know when to fire with out the timing belt.

96 neon water pump seized up needed pulley timing belt and cam gear car started and ran for about 5 minutes then died and will not start thought it was the crank sensor replaced it an still wont start?

does engine turn over, wanting to start? if engine turns over, replace the coil

Car will turn over but wont start?

First, verify the spark plugs are sparking by removing one, grounding it to the engine and verify plug is firing when someone else turns the car over. If you have fire, then check crankshaft position sensor, camshaft position sensor and then fuel filter and fuel pressure.

Why Car will not start after sitting a while turns over like it wants to start but just doesn't go?

you craped in it

My sometimes wont start the key turns the ligts work but no crank after slaming the door the car will start?

ther is a loose connection in your ignition. when you slam the door or some thing of that nature it will fix the problem momentarily or it wont sometimes.

My subaru wrx 1994 turns over but wont

check the battery check the spark plugs and give it a little gas when u try to start it and by the way sweet car u have the best year of the wrx

Why wont my vs commodore crank over when it has a fully charged battery?

My vs commodore won't start it's like a flat battery when I connect jump see leads from another car it slowly turns over but stil like not enough power ?

If my Car turns over but wont start and its not the harmonic balancer alternator battery censor or timing what cld it be?

it'll be something to do with the fuel or spark. check fuel pump, plugs and distributer cap, fuses wouldnt hurt either.

Car with charged battery won't start won't turn over?

why after replaced the head gasket car wont turn over??jetta 2000 2.2l

My 2001 club car gas cart turns but will not start?

If your 2001 Club Car gas cart turns over but will not start, you might have an empty gas tank or a clogged carburetor. You could also have fouled spark plugs.