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Why wont the Fuel door open on a 96 deville what could be the problem?


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2010-01-25 21:01:35
2010-01-25 21:01:35

There were two models. One that had the button in the glove compartment and the manual ones. If you have the switch in the glove box, make sure your vehicle is turned on. If that still doesn't work, it could be a bad fuse.

If you have the manual one, you have to push on the door on the side closest to the driver's door. That will push the other side open.

my 96 deville has a button on the dash by the trunk button or there is a pull handle in the trunk

UPDATE: I had the same problem with the fuel door latch on my 95' Cadi DeVille but this was due to cold weather and the mechanism freezing up and it was not an electrical or fuse problem. When you open the trunk, pull back the uphostly on the left side and you should see wires (not electrical) connecting to a plastic cylinder which contols the pin that locks the door. The black plastic cylinder (not the clear cover around it) needs to be sprayed with some lubricant (I used the door lock lube w/ graphyte). Once you do that, there is a piece that sticks out on the cylinder. Switch the black piece up and it will unlock, move it down and it will lock. Hopefully this will help.

God Bless and good luck.


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