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it might be the chip in the key. i know it does it in later model cars.

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Q: Why wont the car start if the security light is blinking on my 1994 Chevrolet camaro z28?
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94 Camaro security light on car wont start?

94 camaro security light on car will not start

Why is the security light blinking and the car won't start?

Not enough information regarding why the car won't start but as to he security light; it's always blinking when the engine is off.

Why does your security light keep blinking?

It means the security system is armed.

What is the blinking red light on the dashboard of a car when it get dark?

The blinking red light in the dashboard is an indicator that your anti-theft security system is armed and working.

What does the low tracking light on a 1994 Chevrolet Camaro mean?

it says low traction

Does the security light stay on when car is off?

Yes, the blinking securtity light will blink when the car is off.

What is the red blinking light on dash of 1994 Chevy geo?

Possibly a security system activation light.

What is the under dash red blinking light on your CRV?

That light indicates the security system is working properly.

Why does the security light for a 1994 Infinity G20 keep blinking?

That is normal operation.

Why is the security light blinking in our Lexus 330?

To let you know the system is armed.

Why does the ABS light turn on on a 1996 Chevrolet Camaro?

usually a bad wheel sensor, get it checked out.

How do you know if your SATURN SL1 has a passive security system installed?

blinking red light

What is the red blinking light on the dash of a 2002 Toyota Sequoia with the outline of a car and a key insisde of that?

It sounds like an anti-theft indicator light. The blinking light means that the security system is active and is functioning properly.

How do you turn off the security light on a 95 camaro?

smash it with an axe as fast as you can

How do you wire a dome light on a 1976 Chevrolet Camaro?

The orange wire is hot (positive) and the black is ground.

Where is the backup or reversing light switch on a 1996 Chevrolet Camaro automatic?

look down on the tranny itself.

Why is a Red light blinking next to the cassette player in my 2001 Monte Carlo?

This is the light for your security system. Shows that it is working.

The Hyundai is off but a red light is blinking on the dash and has been all night?

That is perfectly normal. It keeps theives away and is a security light.

What is the blinking red light on Ford dashboards?

Security system deterrent.

How do you change the light for the rear license plate on a 1999 Chevrolet Camaro?

Remove the cover using a tork bit.

How do you change the turn signal light on a 1995 Chevrolet Camaro?

You will have to remove the lens either the front or rear. you did not say which.

Why does the security light stay blinking on your 2004 keyless entry Camry Toyota after you turn off the car?

The security light flashes when a programed key is not installed in the ignition, when you insert a programed immobilizer key in the ignition the security light will go out, the light flashes as a theft deterrent

95 Nissan Altima security light blinking wont start?

change the blue box maybe.

1994 camaro Security light is on car starts and runs how to turn off light?

Check the door hood and trunk switches. The security system is telling you that it will not set securely.

How do you turn off security light 1987nissan 300zx?

The security light will blink when either door, hatch, or hood is opened and will continue blinking until it is closed. Check all 4 switches for proper operation. If the bad switch is disconnected it should turn off the light. If the security light is on constantly instead of blinking that is to let you know that the alarm system is activated and should turn off after a few minutes.