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Why wont the clock go off when you turn the car off?


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2011-04-12 03:48:33
2011-04-12 03:48:33

your key is probably still in the ignition

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The clock in my car continues to run even after I turn it off and remove the keys. The car battery is what keeps the clock running, but it uses so little power that there's no danger of it running down your car battery as it would if you left your headlights on.

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the Clock is probably wired to the ignition and power is turned off every time you turn off the Car there fore you have to reset the clock.

igination on car is turned off but car still runs

Turn your car on, so that the radio can be turned on and off. Then turn your radio off. After is it off, push the clock button and while holding clock, use seek to change the hour and tune to change the minutes.

It wont turn off. It stays on just to let you know that your car isn't losing traction.

i would assume you need to turn your headlights off as they are the most common reason for the beeping after you turn off the car. My headlights are off and the car is still beeping

Turning my ignition on and wont turn off because it is faulty.

Key off Press and hold clock button on dash turn key to on positions (do not start car) and wait 10 seconds turn off key and release button Start car ... indicator should be reset.

it can depend on a whole lot of things, so i recommend taking it in to the car shop to see what is wrong with it.

There are a few different reasons why your windshield wipers may not turn off. You may for example having an electrical issue within the car.

If you cut off the hot power that goes to the radio all of the time, that will turn the clock off BUT you will not have any display or presets.

why wont the wip ers on a vr Holden commodore turn off, its in the off position,but they keep going ,the only way you can turn them off is turn the car off ,when you start the car they come on. you switch them off with the little hand piece on the right of the steering colume and they just keep going.

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With the cylinder removed there is no easy way to turn the switch it would normally operate to the "off" position.

from all model from 2002 to 2005, the interior clock and mileage stay on after car is off.

Blown fuse or bad memory circuit Check the fuses

no,it will keep ringing till u turn it off

No they don’t turn off when I turn car off

u can shut off a car while its in gear u just wont be able to get the key out without it being in park and the sterring wheel may lock but u can shut a car off with it in gear

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