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Why wont your 1997 Mercury Tracer start?


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2007-09-11 18:53:00
2007-09-11 18:53:00

Does it turn over?

Is it getting fuel?

Is it getting spark?

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1988 cougar will not crank over

your shift interlock is broken. Use a paperclip or screw driver to by pass it. Its that circle by the side of the gearshift. pry it up and press it down with either the screwdriver or paper clip

1997 fordexpedition wont start and the theft light is flashing

Turn the wheel and then try to start it with the key.

needs a ignition cylinder and has to be reprogramed.

The most common cause for a 1996 Mercury Sable not starting is a dead battery. The second most common cause for the automobile not to start is a lack of fuel.

It's probably the battery is dead. doese it have gas and fire

Then turn it off after it is put into park

That happened to me last winter. The splash guard was missing and after driving through a snow drift the car shut off. It was just a lot of snow packed up in the car. dig it out or let it melt and avoid drifts, banks, etc

Defective door latch or Nader Pin needs adjustment

What year? check the ignition module. see manual

Replace the fuel filter and use a starter fluid to start the engine.

There could be several reasons why a 1997 Ford Escort will not start. A few reasons could be the starter, the battery, spark plugs and wires, or even a blown engine.

It could be the indication of a faulty fuel pump.

No - the starting system is totally separated from the remote entry.

Bad MAP sensor, throttle position sensor, O2 sensor, many possibility's it would be a good idea to get it down to a repair shop for an exact diagnosis.

1997 Mazda MPV's SUCK A**! Do your self a favor and save yourself a lot of headaches and get rid of the turd!

This is probably due to the fact that you are out of gasoline, cars can't start without it. :(

I had the exact smae issue with 1995 Tracer. It turned out that the Water Pump seized up and ripped a bunch of teath off of the timing belt. I repaced the pump and timing belt and it runs fine.

vovlo wont start using key

my Nissan sentrs 1997 that wont start i think its the alarm systerm how do i overide the systerm

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