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Why wont your cat sleep with you?


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probally it wants cat time.


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The cat controls where it wants to sleep. if it likes you very much, it will sleep on your lab

No cat is a pet, it will sleep where it pleases the cat. It has no regard for the person who feeds it, only for a roll in the alley and for the litters that result.

NO! it will make it feel bad it it prob wont eat of sleep.....thats what happed to my dog that died,my other dog has been in so much pain

Well, a cat is nocturnal so it will sleep in day and be awake at night.

cats can sleep with there eyes opened my friend has a cat and her baby cat always sleep like that

What I would say to do is bring the cat up on to your bed, then just keep peting the cat until they go to sleep, and once they go to sleep then you have your cat sleeping with you on your bed. But this might not work if you turn around alot in your sleep

sleep, eat. Depends on the cat.

Without administering hyponotic medications, there isn't much you can do to make a cat sleep.

your cat sleeps on because your cat is comfy. your cat loves being comfy.

Do you mean what do cats sleep on? They'll sleep on anything, a blanket, a bed, a cat tree, a windowsill, anything really. They're contortionists.

The term 'Cat Nap' should give you a hint. Cats sleep a lot. On average 13 to 16 hours a day. It varies from cat to cat, but older cats usually need more sleep.

I love having my cats sleep with me.

by petting my cat and singing.

Well my cat does in it's sleep

a cat wont use a litterbox if its dirty

There's not much you can do to force the issue - if your cat doesn't want to sleep in your bed, he/she isn't going to. You can encourage your cat to feel comfortable in your bed by gently placing him/her there and petting him/her in your bed. Over time, your cat may decide to sleep there.

It proberly wont. It might kill it but it wont eat it! ;) If it does, the cat is dead and the dog just had a snack.

I think the cat should sleep where ever it wants but is you are going to be mean then I suppose everytime the cat is tired put it on your bed.

What do you mean by "sleep"? Be more specific please

Well the best way would just be to not let the cat in the house. When the cat comes inside you throw it out. Most cats wont just run inside. Don't let the cat sleep in your house either. You might want to provide your cat with a proper sleeping area with a bed or house of some form.

//afk to sleep and ctrl n to go to a cat //afk to sleep and ctrl n to go to a cat

He will sleep with a girl, but not yo ugly ass!!

Lions sleep. None of the cat species hibernate.

no they can not only if it is there cat they wont go to jail if it is not there cat they will go to jail

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