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Why wont your tail lights and one of your head light dont workon my 87 Nissan pick up?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-30 14:13:14

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Bad headlight switch

2006-08-30 14:13:14
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Why brake light in rear window come on but brake lights dont on 89 Nissan Sentra bulbs are fine and brake light switch has been changed?

check your bulbs

Mazda 626 brake light?

brake lights dont work

What dash lights mean on 1998 sunfire?

there is a light we dont know what it means

How do youchange the cluster lights in a 1989 Lincoln?

cluster lights dont work also tails ive change the light switch still no lights.

What lights do you use at night on your 2001 aurora?

on my 99 aurora the lights are auto i dont touch them and the tail light stay on to

What do you do if the brake lights work but not the tail lights?

i got a 2006toyota highlander my tail lights dont work but,every other light works please help me

Why dont the lights work in clubpenguin games marathon?

it's probably because you forgot to light up one of the lights. I suggest you start over and double check before light up the other lights. Another reason is that you're not stopping at the lights when there are signs saying stop at the lights.

Brake lights dont work How do i fix them?

Check the fuse, the bulbs, and the brake light switch.

Diagram for 2002 Honda Accord hazard light switch?

hazard switch dont lights on

Your overdrive light and your rear defrost light and 4x4 switcher lights dont work and you have checked fuses?

Bulbs may be blown.

What is the problem when the dashboard light on a 1991 Dodge Dakota will not turn on with the lights?

Usually a fuse. when the fuse blows the dash lights AND tail lights dont work. If your tail lights work and dash lights dont, check bulbs, if all blown at once you may have a shorting problem. If bulbs are good you may have a bad connection. Tracing wires is a big job. Get yourself a good quality test light.

The brake lights dont work on my 1989 Mercury Grand Marquis but all other lights work?

change the brake lights check the fuse check the brake light swtch

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Why brake lights dont work everything else does?

replace brake light switch on brake pedal

1985 bronco brake lights dont work but all other lights do work you replaced brake light switch and bulbs?

Check the brake light fuse. If you have 12 volts at the brake light switch I would suspect the signal light switch is at fault.

Why does your driver headlight stay on after you switch your lights off in 1991 Nissan maxima?

my 93 maxima se is doing the same thing, but the fog lights are also on. they dont stay on, they turn themselves on. i do not know what causes this.

My 92 integra parking lights dont work?

If all other lights work then make sure that the parking light bulbs are good. Check for a parking light fuse and relay, to insure that the work properly.

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Why dont your tail light brake lights or engine turn over but your head lights work and battery is fully charged?

believe it or not you may haveblown fuse check them.

Break lights dont work?

Check the fuse, check the bulbs, check the brake light switch, in that order.

1994 ford escort brake lights dont work?

Check the: Bulbs Fuse Stop light switch

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Your tail lights dont work but everything else does?

check bulbs with meter. check to see if connectors are loose on light. short in wire leading to lights. check fuses.

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