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solution too concentrated,causing fluid buildup in vessel leading to dehydration and acute renal failure

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Saline solution should always be in given as a concentration of 0.9% sodium chloride (NaCl).

Some common complications that can arise from breast surgery are scarring, nipple sensations, leakage of silicone or saline solution from implants, breast pain and sagging of the breasts. Complications should be discussed with a potential patient before the patient agrees to breast surgery.

Normal Saline 0.9% is called an isotonic solution. A 0.0% saline solution is called a hypotonic solution. A solution of this concentration would cause water to diffuse into the red blood cells and cause them to burst open. A 10% saline solution is called a hypertonic solution. A solution of this concentration would cause water to diffuse out of the red blood cells, making them shrivel up and shrink.

A saline solution is a solution containing sodium chloride and water.

From what I know of saline solution is made to mimic the water in your body, so that the body excepts it. Distilled water wouldn't be excepted by the body.

Saline is salt water, i.e. a solution of salt in water. The sea is saline. If another liquid has a high salt content, i.e. if it is 'salty' it is also referred to as 'saline'. Blood is saline.In medicine. Saline refers to a sterile solution of sodium chloride (table salt) in water. It is used in emergency situations. A hospital might transfuse a Saline Solution to the patient, to temporarily replace any huge losses of blood, which loss may have occurred as a result of an accident, or which has happened during a surgical operation.The person who invented the sea and the person who invented blood must be the person who invented saline.Present day Saline Solution uses the same percentage of salt to water that first began to be used in 1884 as a substitute for blood during surgery, a percentage that matches the ratio of salt to blood in human blood.

saline solution is salted water with 0.85% of salt

Sydney Ringer invented the saline solution.

1/2 Normal Saline solution

Saline solution is a mixture of salt and water.

Saline is a homogenous solution of salt in water.

Hypertonic saline solution is given slowly to a patient that is hyponaetremic because it raises their sodium levels. Raising the sodium levels too quickly could cause central pontine myelinolysis.

How much salt is in normal saline my saline solution says that salin = 0.9% salt in water

Not sure what you are using saline solution for but i would say that saline solution is steril and water is not.

Cucumber shrink in saline solution, because the saline solution draws out the water from the cucumber causing it to shrink. -Jaralzila

What is the difference between normal saline solution and ringer's lactate solution?

The mineral found in saline solution is salt (sodium chloride).

The solution you buy for contacts is saline...but it is buffered. If that is not available...plain saline is OK but can be irriting to the eye.

well the cell first turns to a magenta color then it may swell then burst.

Normal Saline is an isotonic solution.

Yes this saline is a hypertonic solution but 3% saline is also not normal. There is nothing "normal" about it. There is only one "normal saline" and that is 0.9%.

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