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Try turning the key forward until dash panel lights come on. This turns on the electric fuel pump and builds pressure in the fuel system. Turn key the rest of the way to start after about 5 seconds.


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possibly a broken or missing engine mount

Failure of the engine or out of petrol

No. It only senses engine vibration/knock.

Not only would the safety switch keep the engine from starting up, the starter would make no attempt to crank the engine over.

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on a racing lawn mower it would be good, just rev up your engine and will engage.

Someone suggested that it may be caused by the "bendix" (which is pushed forward when turning the ignition key to engage the flywheel) Instead of the bendix retracting back to its original position once the engine starts, it may be getting stuck (engaged) with the flywheel.

Check for spark at the plugs. Check for fuel to the engine.

NO. That would be the right side when standing in the front of the engine.

The year and engine size would help us help you.

If an engine has: * compression * fuel * ignition spark delivered in the right quantities and at the right time while the engine is being "cranked" by the starter motor, it will start. Your problem now is to find out which isn't working right. I always suggest starting fluid to help isolate the problem

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Loose spark plugs would result in a loss of compression. This would make starting difficult and if the engine ran at all it would do so badly.

The starter could grind if the bendix is sticking

The make, model and engine info would help.

Yes, by using it to short the solenoid. It's dangerous and can cause fire. You can engage the starter with a screwdriver and crank the engine over but you would still have to "hot wire" the ignition system to run the engine.

if you have to ask this then I would have to guess that your Cherokee is NOT a 4wd model...otherwise the 4wd SHIFTER right beside the regular shifter would be a very obvious clueon how to do this. If what you mean is exactly how and "when can you" then you can engage 4hi at any time moving or stopped but to engage 4low you need to be stopped completely and in neutral. same answers for going back to 2wd.

What do you mean when you say it doesn't engage? Is the starter spinning but just doesn't catch to spin the engine? IF that's the case it could be as simple as a loose starter or as bad as a damaged flex plate/flywheel. But it would most likely be the starter.

Designed to come on when A/C or defrost is on. Also when engine temperature exceeds 235 degrees

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why is there squeek noise when starting and then goes away when engine warms up

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