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Possibly dirty accelerator linkage or sticking throttle body butterfly. Clean all the linkage and the inside of the throttle body, paying close attention to the butterly. Use only a spray cleaner that is safe to use with emissions sensors. Do not use a product such as WD40.

2015-02-10 22:45:26
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Why would a 1993 Ford Tempo die down and eventually cut off when stopped or in park unless you press on the accelerator?

The idling speed could be set too low.

Why would Oil pressure drop when you let up on the accelerator of a 94 Thunderbird?

If by letting up on the accelerator you mean not hitting the gas pedal then it's normal your not increasing rpm that being said oil isn't being pumped through as fast as it would when hitting the gas so less oil being pumped through less oil pressure it's normal now if it's like dropping to zero there is a problem...

Would a steering wheel be classified as an accelerator?


Why would a car not get pickup while pressing the accelerator?

There are several possibilities: a clogged fuel line or fuel filter, a malfunctioning fuel pump, or a problem with the clutch and/or transmission that prevents a higher engine speed from causing increased wheel speed.

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you would spin in a circle

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the same reason you have an accelerator pedal on a car there are many motors that are fixed speed clocks pumps fans most of the reasons are mechanical a conveyer belt with a pallete of stacked things on it would fall with on off control

What would cause a 1996 Dodge Ram transmission to hesitate shifting into 3rd gear unless you let off the accelerator?

those had a problem with a vehicle speed sensor but your throttle position sensor can do it too

Why would a 1999 Sable GS sometimes lose acceleration and the accelerator pedal be hard to press?

replace the fuel filter and the accelerator cable to the throtle body

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Why would a car pull the accelerator to the floor on its own?

the return spring is weak.

What causes excessive RPM when you please the accelerator?

If its manual that would be the cltuch slipping.

What should you do in case of a tire blowout?

Gradually release the accelerator, bringing down the speed of your vehicle and maneuver your wheel to keep control and steer towards where you would like to go also never slam on the brakes worst thing you can do and never completely release the accelerator then once you made your stop to where you are safe out of traffic obviously go get yourself some help.