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Try getting the linkage looked at and get a new clutch Try putting your car in gear when it is not running, the clutch in and start the car. If the car moves, your clutch cable could be broken. (make sure car is pointing in safe direction before trying to start) your shift rod bushing is bad, possibly the synchronizer in the tranny. but try the bushing first. it's inside the tunnell, right underneath the shfter. How hard is it to push the clutch pedal? If it's way too easy, and the pedal won't come back up on its own, you've got one of two problems--the hook on the clutch pedal broke, or something happened in the clutch lever linkage on the transmission. List of probables in order of them happening: Hook on the clutch pedal broke. Easy fix: remove the pedal cluster from the car, take the retaining bolt out, drive the clutch hook out and install a new one. These break a lot, so any VW parts place has them for less than $10. To get the pedal cluster back in, you've got to get under the car and undo the clutch cable at the transmission end. Clevis on the clutch cable broke. Reasonably easy fix: change the clutch cable. That clevis is made from really cheap metal anyway, so they wear out. Clutch adjusting nut fell off. This would take some doing because the nut has lots of threads sticking out of it, but it's conceivable. Fix is to get a new one. Clutch arm broke, clutch fork inside the trans broke. Depending on how well you can drop a Volkswagen engine, this is either a very easy fix or a very hard one. Anyway, the engine's gotta come out but everything that needs to be fixed is in the bellhousing so you don't have to mess with opening the trans case. If this happens, change your clutch, the throwout bearing, and your transmission oil at the same time. You're there anyway. But seriously I think it's one of the first two--VW transmissions are built well.

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Q: Why would a '72 VW Bug just grind and not go into any gear?
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