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it is your temp sensor take it to taoyato dealer i have a 93 that was doing the same everyone that had it told me i was crazy finally they found the temp sensor been fixed and running fine since

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How do you spell smoothly?

That is the correct spelling of "smoothly" (easily, with little friction).

What is synonym of easily?

smoothly, readily, comfortably, effortlessly, straightforwardly

How do you uninstall Google Chrome when after you click uninstall it says to close all Google Chrome windows although it is not running?

You can restart your system to complete the booting process. Google Chrome could be uninstalled easily in the system.

What is the adverb for swim?

The word "swim" has no actual adverb form. The word "swimmingly" means smoothly or easily.

Why do you think the speaker calls the cloud fluffy?

the clouds are flying very easily and smoothly, so they seem fluffy to the speaker.

What are the benefits of using System Accessories?

Well, it can save you from installing simple programs on your computer that you might need, such as the calculator and the calendar. Secondly it keeps them all in a simple place where you can easily go back to them, and thirdly, Windows automatically updates the system accessories to keep them running smoothly.

What kind of paper is used to do tattoos?

Carbon paper is used. It is thin and can be traced on easily, and when applied correctly, transfers very smoothly.

Can you buy supple from health store?

Supple is not a product. It is a muscular-skeletal state in which you can move easily, smoothly, without jerkiness or pain.

How do you break your foot easily?

Try running it over with a car.

What are facts about oil?

Some facts about oil are easily stick on skin of humans, higher boiling point than water and flow smoothly.

What is the best smartphone to sync with a Mac?

The iPhone because Apple's software for syncing, which is iTunes, is native to the Mac and is able to manage your syncing smoothly and easily.

Do cardboard ouija boards work?

They may not work as smoothly (the laminate on the surface of the board helps the planchette slide more easily) but yes, they will work.

Can you be easily found when running away?

It depends on the situation and surroundings you chose.

What is arteiosclerosis?

a condition when blood vessels lose their elasticity, the blood starts to flow more intermittently rather than a constant flow due to the arteries are unable to expand and relax with the pulse as easily

How easily can you get pregnant after a miscarriage?

miscarriage does not prevent pregnancy---although usually it takes a cycle to pass to restart your clockl good luck joymaker rn

What are the health benefits of fiber?

fibre improves resistance power so that diseases will not get connected easily. it also controls bad cholesterol and improves heart function smoothly.

What is pate a glacier?

It is a pre-tempered chocolate that is solid at room temperature but melts easily and smoothly. ideal for dipping to coat and drizzling for a hard set plating design.

Why do you rotate a container of free-running solid while transferring the solid?

By rotating the container of a free-running solid, the solid will "free run" and tumble while it is being poured out (transferred). This makes the transfer more easily accomplished. Many divided solids (sand or salt, for example) can become "sticky" or clump together due to moisture or other factors, and rotating a container while dumping them makes them "run out" more efficiently and smoothly.

Does a ferret change directions while running?

Yes, the long vertebrae in a ferret has a great deal of flexibility which allows them to easily change directions while running.,

What is a sentence using chasm?

Running for our lives, we easily leapt the chasm that stopped our pursuers in their tracks.

Are Running Gears shoes made for men or women?

They most likely have a version for each gender such as male running gears and female running gears. If not, you will easily find a very similar shoe for each gender.

Why would a 1995 Mazda 626 not restart that you can start easily each morning but once you shut off the car you can't restart it for 3-8 hours The hotter it is outside the longer it takes to restart?

When you try to restart it, does it turn over but not start? If you press the gas pedal to the floor and try to start it, what happens? Does it act like it's flooded? I've seen bad spark plugs/wires/cap/rotor cause this problem, but it could also be many other things.

Can you get running mittens on eBay?

Yes, you will be able to find running mittens on eBay. Running mittens are great for cold weather or for people that just get cold easily and would like breathable mittens to keep their fingers warm.

Is there a special type of gear listed under trail running gear?

Trail running gear includes backpacks, running shoes, waterbottles that can fit inside the backpack and other accessoreis that are easily portable and light-weight.

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