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yes i would say bad strut will cause that,or also bad alignment if u had hit a curb or ans such thing. or a last result is if u have tire separation because of bad tires, so look for BULGE ON THE TIRE or if u know they are bad just replace them..good luck jd

AnswerMy sisters car started having this problem after my mom went over a bump with it. I'll describe to you what happened as best as I can so it will [hopefully] help you determine if this is the problem.

Every time we went over a bump, it would make a funny noise for a couple seconds after on the front passenger side. We thought it was struts or something like that. Then after about 2 weeks of this happening, my mom was on the one highway and all of a sudden the car started bucking up and down, actually like tossing us in our seats. Slowed down to about 30 MPH and it stopped. 4-way flashers on, we got to our destination and my dad jumped out to look at it. I noticed a dent in the hood. He jacked it up. It turns out the engine mounts are busted on the thing. When he wiggled the tire, the entire engine moved with it. We didn't have it fixed yet. My uncle is working on it. But, for sure, the engine mount on it is broken, we can see a big crack type thing in it. I've looked it up online and noticed there have been quite a few Pontiac Grand Am '93 incidences with the engine mounts.

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Q: Why would a '93 Pontiac Grand Am front passenger tire bounce?
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