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I had this same problem with my '96 Chrysler Cirrus. 3 trips to my local mechanic resulted in the following (wrong) diagnosis: 1) speed sensors: replace, test drove (fine), problem reoccurred 2) test drove, no problem - "definitely not a transmission problem" 3) brought in while in problem mode: "transmission is definitely shot" After much internet searching, careful thought and unwillingness to give up: - much chatter on the internet about using the wrong Transmission Fluid on these transmissions: - should use ATF-2 not a Dexron fluid. Many sites say this will destroy the transmission. - after careful looking at transmission level, following the prscribed method of looking after the car has been parked several hours and warmed up for a few minutes I determined the level was low. If you check shortly after driving it is hard to get a good reading. This low level may or may not have been a contributor. - I found a reccommendation to disconnect the battery for 15 minutes which will force the transmission computer to re-learn shifting points. I did this and after a few days the problem went away completely (now ~ 6 weeks). I think this problem may have been caused by adding Dexron fluid a few months back when I had a leak. Check the fluid level and disconnect the battery. I bet it will work! Good Luck, -Frank

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What causes the transmission to automatically downshift and stick in a lower gear in a 1995 Chrysler cirrus?

That happens when the computer detects a malfunction and sets a code. You need to have the transmission computer checked with a scan tool to know possible causes.

Your speedometer in your Chrysler Cirrus stopped working How do you fix it?

we had to replace the speed sensor in mine and it corrected the problem with the speedometer and the shifting. Good luck

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Are you sure you mean 2002 Chrysler Cirrus -- they quit making the Cirrus in 2000. It is now a Sebring

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