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If you are not the first owner of the vehicle, you should problably get a carfax report to see if the vehicle was in some sort of an accident. This is because the frame itself could be bent and that would account for a shaking effect while driving. My dad had a brand new 91 Nissan Sentra SER and after years of driving into and out of driveways for his P/T job, the car developed a wicked shimmy. The dealer told him the frame was bent from that and that it would have to be pulled in order to stop the shaking. Hope that helped

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What are the basic skills in cycling?

Balancing, steering, braking. Rules Of The Road.

Why does the steering wheel shift when braking then shift back when released?

Sounds like the wheels need re-balancing - that would cause the vehicle to 'pull' to one side during braking.

Your steering wheel on my 1990 civic keeps shaking?

if it shakes while your braking your front roters could be warped or if it shakes while your driving try balancing the tires at a tire shop.

Should you get two or four winter tires?

I Recommend getting all 4 winter tyres due to it will significantly improve the handling and braking and performance of the car.

What if your car tyres burst at high speed?

Then you're in trouble, bad trouble. If it's a rear then it's not too bad, as most braking is done on the front. Braking will also help balancing the car giving the driver an opportunity to come to a controlled stop. If it's a front, then just hope that the scenery is soft and forgiving.

What are the types of braking used in electrical motors?

Mainly 2 types of braking are used: rheostatic braking and regenerative braking

What are the different types of braking in dc motors?

plugging rheostatic or dynamic braking regenerative braking

What is the antilock braking system?

Antiliock braking system is the mechanism which controlls the braking of brakes, If the pedals are fully pressed it will oppose the motion to protect your braking

What is braking efficiency in railway braking?

pretty low

What is the definition for braking force?

the force of something braking

What is electrical dynamic braking used for?

Braking is used to bring the motor to stop quickly or instantly. Braking can be two way broadly. One is mechanical braking. Other method is electrical braking. One of the electrical braking is dynamic braking.

What is braking dawn about?

Braking Dawn Is About Bella And Edward Getting Married.

What is better to brake a motor control braking or dynamic braking?

There are three type of electrical brakes that can be applied to motors. Regenerative Plugging in Dynamic "control braking" does not mean a correct description. Dynamic braking is better.

Are mcfly braking up?

no they arent braking up. But no they aren't breaking up.

What is the meaning of the term braking efficiency?

Braking effort as a percentage of the weight of the vehicle.

What is threshold braking?

Threshold braking is modulating your braking so as to apply the maximum amount of braking possible before the wheels lock up (or in modern cars, before ABS kicks in). This provides the shortest stopping distance.

What is the importance of the bicycle?

With the price of gas. We are all gonna find out the importance of a bike. Not only transportation. It teaches us balance, hand/foot eye coordination, and complex thinking IE; pedaling, steering, watching, balancing, braking all at the same times.

What is braking and braking distances?

Braking in a moving vehicle is applying the brakes to slow or halt movement, usually by depressing a pedal. The braking distance is the distance between the time the brakes are applied and the time the vehicle comes to a complete stop.

How do you use the word braking in a sentence?

The sound of the braking railroad cars shreiked through the night. Now matter how hard he pushed the pedal, the car was not braking.

How is thinking and braking distance linked?

Braking is made up of: thinking distance ( thinking time (s) * velocity (metres per second)) + braking distance (metres)

How much does a braking system for train cost?

There are many components and types of braking systems, and for a train, it must inlcude locomotives and the cars it is pulling. Modern locomotive braking systems are microprocessor systems that operate pneumatic braking, and typically include dynamic braking systems, and in some cases, regenerative braking systems. For one locomotive alone, the total cost of these systems may exceed $200,000 as installed.

If you double your speed what happens to the braking distance?

When your speed is doubled, your braking distance is multiplied by four.

A system to control anti-lock braking in a car?

ABS - Antilock Braking System

Why taillight on braking glows in motorcycle?

to let following traffic know your braking (slowing down)

What are the latest trends in braking system in automobiles?

it is called abs. anti lock braking system