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I've just examined the engine block on a friends 98 Accent and found the source of what appears to be quite a major oil leak to be caused by corrosion on the lower front left hand side of the engine block (as viewed from the front) has caused the neck of the dipstick tube to part from the block itself and is therefore spraying oil from the sump all over the front of the engine, especially around the exhaust manifold, oil filter and alternator. Although this may not be the cause of your problem its worth checking as oil may have sprayed onto an engine management sensor causing a conductive track between the electrical conections and therefore causing a false reading. Also have you checked for a blown head gasket, look in the coolant for any traces of oil, and also look at it when the engine is running to see if any exhaust gasses are bubbling through it theres are a sure sign of a blown head gasket.

ANSWERYou must first locate the leak. Could be as minor as a valve cover. Easy to replace. Make sure you put silicone gasket sealer on gasket touching the head. Power loss could be mass air flow sensor. Could be bad or just need to be cleaned. Try cleaning it with MAF sensor cleaner. AnswerFirst mistake. You bought a Korean car;) Sounds like you have a serious oil leak maybe from a main seal. This is a big repair not to be done by an amateur. As far as hesitation goes have you tried a higher octane gas? Good luck! AnswerFirst i would suggest you get a engine wash after which you watch the engine carefully so you can locate where the oil is coming from. As for the acceleration problem there could be alot of problem associated with that such as dirty gas filter etc try a general saervice first and see what happens


our acceleration problem turned out to be the clutch.

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Q: Why would a '96 Hyundai Accent constantly leak oil and when you step on the gas will not accelerate?
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