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I had the same problem in my 99 firebird....check the engine module or it could be the coils mine was both along with a faulty catalytic converter..if you smell a rotten egg then its the cat... goodluck

Check the current at the fuel pump; fuel pump might be going.


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P0300 Diagnostic Code - Random Misfire

Engine may stumble or miss
Engine may be hard to start
you may notice no issues

Failing spark plugs or spark plug wires
Bad coil or coil pack
Failing oxygen sensor(s)
Bad fuel injector or more than one
Stuck exhaust valve
Bad catalytic converter
EGR valve or valve passage clogging
Bad camshaft position sensor
Bad PCM or ECM

The Fix
Best first action is a tune up, new plugs, wires, inspect all hoses and wire connections then reset the code. If it returns you will need to narrow it down to a system, coils and coil packs should be tested, catalytic converters for function ( do you smell rotten eggs?). A misfire that jumps cylinders could indicate a lean condition, do you have any other codes along with the 300? this will help clue you in to the source, check valve function to make sure they are opening and closing fully.
This is probably pone of the most difficult codes to troubleshoot, so start with the basics and work your way into the more expensive options, in many cases a good old tune up solves the problem, back it up with a fuel system cleaning and see where you stand.

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Q: Why would a '96 Impala SS show code P0300 random misfire and run rough when it is hot?
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Does bad spark plugs give you low idle?

Doubtful. Bad spark plugs would give you a rough idle, hesitation and poor performance. And they may also give you a P0300 code for random misfire.

What are the signs of a sticky valve?

Code P0300, Intermittent rough idle,

Will a intake gasket leak cause misfire and rough idle?

yes it can

What is causing my 1997 Chevy cavlier to idle rough. Why did scanner say cylinders 1 and 3 miss firing?

Well...the misfire on 1 and 3 would explain the rough idle. The misfire could be from worn plugs, wires, bad coil, or bad injectors.

What are Signs of Transmission problems of a 2005 impala?

If it is slipping in gear or any out of the ordinary rough shifting.

What do old spark plugs do to a car?

Old spark plugs can make a car misfire, run rough, and not fire at all.

1998 Grand Cherokee runs rough when gas is pressed?

Misfire? Due for a tune up? Check engine light on?

Why does your 90 Acura Integra idle rough?

Check idle adjustment (rpm) then check timing, then check for misfire-start there.

What causes a Park Avenue to run rough or misfire and stall at redlights?

Check the Park Avenue EGR valve for a clog. A clogged valve can cause a rough idle and stall at a light.

What are causes for rough idle misfire when stopped changed wires plus gas filter rotor and cap?

Run a compression test.

What are signs of bad valves in your car?

Check engine light is on with a misfire code, rough idle, lack of power, low compression.

1998 Windstar with 3.8 motor idles rough and check engine light starts blinking at stop light?

you have a cylinder misfire

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