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you could have a solid miss or something out of balance like hamonic balancer or bent pulleys bad belt or vaccum leak check spark plugs and vaccum lines first

they will always miss because the engines cold idle is still keeping the engine at that speed until the engine becomes warm enough the moment you touch the pedal it brings the rpm off cold idle to warm which is a lot lower

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What was the 1st episode of shake it up?

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Why is your 2000 Ford Contour is sputtering when you drive?

Start with changing the fuel filter at the right front of the fuel tank, underneath, in a recess.

How many people watch shake it up on tv?

The first episode of shake it up(start it up)got 6 million people.

Why won't a 1998 Ford Contour start?

There are several reasons why a 1998 Ford Contour will not start. The car may not start if the battery is dead, the starter may need replaced, or the head gaskets are blown.

Why would a 1999 Ford Contour cut off when put in drive and not start again?

If the engine won't turn over, clean the battery cables. If it will turnover but not start, findout if it needs fire or fuel to run then go from there.

When was Start It Up - Shake It Up - created?

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1999 ford contour will crank but wont start it has power to the coil but no spark to the wires?

The first thing I would check is your crankshaft position sensor

Your 1997 Ford Contour wont turn on?

ford 99 contour will not start, front wheel is in lock position. how do you fix the anti- lock system

What do all contour lines have in common?

A contour line is a drawing that is just an outline of an object, with no shading. I'm not sure if this answered your question, but it's a start.

Vigor 92 ls when you start the car it starts shaking but when you keep the foot on the pedal on drive mode it starts shaking again?

your problem is yu have a broken motor mount that will make the car shake when you start it and step on it

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Why does your contour start but will cut off when driving?

it would be easier to answer if one knew what was meant

When did 4 wheel driving start?

Out of the known car companies, Dodge was the first to start 4 wheel drive in 1934 with their trucks.

Ford Contour engine cranks but won't start Has spark?


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Does the 1995 Ford contour have a computer chip keyed ignition?

No. The chipped ignition key did not start until the 1998 model year and was only on the 6 cylinder Contour and Mystique. (I've got a '97 6 cylinder Contour that seems to have a chip in the key.)

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