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Why would a 15 year old boy cheat on his girlfriend?

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December 07, 2009 5:13PM


Because she obviously wasn't doing something right. Plus, men will be men.

It depends what the sit is for eg if she has cheated on you be for then go for it get here back. If you have kids then don't. If you re girlfriend is not very pritty or dose not like to kiss then go on cheat.

Do not blame yourself

At this age you guys are merely children. At 15 boys and girls are going through so many developmental changes: physical, mental, emotional, and most important to this topic hormonal. None of these things will make the pain any less of being lied to and cheated on, just know it is NOT your fault. You are waaaay too young to be taking the blame for relationship issues of an immature, hormonal teenage boy. As we get older and learn more about the dynamics of dating we can and should place partial blame on our selves for issues that arise within a relationship (this is true in most cases, with the exception of abuse and so forth). However, at this age you are just now finding out the joys and sorrows of intimacy. You should not expect to be an expert nor should you expect it to last forever. This is your trial run for adulthood. Take it as a learning experience and know that though you will be hurt throughout your dating life, you will also have plenty happiness as well, and one day (when you are old enough) you will find forever in a mate who will love and respect you.