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Out of time or spark plug wires incorrectly installed.

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Q: Why would a 1600 Boxer engine start ok but backfire and have no power under a load?
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Why does your engine backfire when you try to start it when it is stone cold?

Incomplete combustion

Will 4.3 Chevy engine start 180 degrees out on the timing?

Start and run, no. Cough, backfire, yes.

What happens if a timing belt is put on wrong?

On an interference engine you can have internal engine damage when you attempt to start it. On a noninterference engine it may not start or it may backfire, or miss, if it does start.

What causes the engine to backfire when trying to start a 305 Chevy?

It's lean. You have to figure out why.

Why does motorcycle backfire when trying to start it?

to much fuel is going to the engine for it to burn it all

What causes your car to backfire when you try to start it and will not start?

The timing of the engine is off or the spark plug wires have been hooked up incorrectly.

How does a fire start in a carburetor?

Normally from an engine backfire. The plug fires when the intake valve is partially open which will explode the fuel in the intake and carb.

Why would flames come out of your carburetor when trying to start your engine?

AnswerSounds to me that your vehicle is off time. Check the timing on it. If the timing is off it will backfire through the carb and also if it is cross wired (firing order wrong) it will backfire through the carb.

My mini chopper wont start up...What causes a 49.5cc 4 stroke engine to backfire when starting?

If your engine backfires when trying to start and the valve timing is correct, then it could be electronic ignition unit or the pick up that causes the spark to occur with wrong timing.

How do you know if your timing is off?

your engine will sound rough while at idle speed and your gas milage will start getting worse. it also might start to backfire and make a little more noise than it normally would.

What will make a Corvette backfire when you start it?

you tell me the year ill tell you why

Why does a car backfire when you first start it?

Could be in need of a tune-up.

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