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There are several resons why a engine would do this. From the information you gave me I take it all seems well but the engine still misses upon exceleration. Before I can answer that there are 4 main things that a engine needs to run properly. One fuel two spark, three air, four compression. If any engine lacks any of the proper amount of any of these you have a improper running engine. From the info you gave me and not going into details which I couldn't because I would need detailed info, I would say that your engine is probably flooding out under heavy load. Now if it were running lean on the other hand it would stall instead of missing. I couln't possibly tell you in details what the problem was with out further info. To proper diagnose a car all avenues have to be check. Remember Proper fuel,spark,air, and compression.


If the problem your describing is that the engine bogs on acceleration you may not have the proper size of carb or correct jets installed. CFM and jet size reqirements vary widely depending on your set up. Edelbrock is an especially good company for tech support. Their number is listed on the edelbrock website, they will have several questions for you about your engine, cam shaft, vehicle use, model number of carb, jets installed, etc. based on your answers they can offer you a suggested setup specific to your vehicle.

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Q: Why would a 1983 Chevy Silverado 350 engine edelbrock carb miss when gaining speed?
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