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Why would a 1983 Ford F-150 run fine when driving but shake and rattle then diew hen you come to a stopbut will start right back up and go?


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2009-03-23 03:39:00
2009-03-23 03:39:00

I had this problem with my 1993 F-150 (automatic trans). Symptoms were vibrations at shifting points, always stalled in reverse, sluggish accelleration in first gear, and would stall when slowing to a stop. The cause, diagnosed by a mechanic, was a lack of transmission fluid. I was about 5 quarts short. If its rough idling try adjustind the distributor cap, change the spark plugs and maybe the plug wires. also look for a dirty air filter or maybe a bad fuel filter. Awnser peice of poo


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the answer is '' shake , rattle , and roll....

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A shake is movement while a rattle is noise created by the movement. Example: if you shake an empty can, you get movement only, but if you put pebbles in the can, then you also get a rattle.

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Anacondas do not have a rattle to shake.

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there is plates within the rattle that shake and rub together and little balls that rattle inside the rattle

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It is supposed to rattle when you shake it. if it does not, it needs replacing. The rattle you hear is the check valve.

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