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Why would a 1985 Classic Seville with new starter battery fuel pump etc still not start?


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2015-07-17 17:58:06
2015-07-17 17:58:06

GOT SPARK???????? check coil pack

Think logically first and foremost. Sincerely, it's usually the basic of basics. I say this because countless times I would beat my head in frustration only to find it was something simple like:

  1. The spark plug wires were connected to the wrong places.
  2. The firing order is wrong.
  3. The distributor cap was not clamped down tight enough.
  4. The carburetor is not getting fuel.
  5. Fuel line filter is dirty.
  6. Battery is to weak to turn the engine.
  7. Spark plug gauge settings to deep / not deep enough / not right.
  8. Timing chain/belt is not adjusted properly.

So, I suggest these first. Even if you've done them and done them again, do them once more. Except this time, make a physical check list on a piece of paper and give it your full attention. Don't lose your patients or you lose track of what you're doing. Remain calm.


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There is no battery in the starter.

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Corroded battery terminals, defective battery, or starter.Corroded battery terminals, defective battery, or starter.

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Could be the battery is drained or bad. Could be battery connections at battery and or starter are dirty and or loose. Could be starter solenoid is bad. Could be starter is bad.

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If you mean that the battery is OK but the starter does not turn replace the starter, they are known to have weak starter solenoids,inside the starter.

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