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GOT SPARK???????? check coil pack

Think logically first and foremost. Sincerely, it's usually the basic of basics. I say this because countless times I would beat my head in frustration only to find it was something simple like:

  1. The spark plug wires were connected to the wrong places.
  2. The firing order is wrong.
  3. The distributor cap was not clamped down tight enough.
  4. The carburetor is not getting fuel.
  5. Fuel line filter is dirty.
  6. Battery is to weak to turn the engine.
  7. Spark plug gauge settings to deep / not deep enough / not right.
  8. Timing chain/belt is not adjusted properly.

So, I suggest these first. Even if you've done them and done them again, do them once more. Except this time, make a physical check list on a piece of paper and give it your full attention. Don't lose your patients or you lose track of what you're doing. Remain calm.

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Q: Why would a 1985 Classic Seville with new starter battery fuel pump etc still not start?
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Does remote start need a new battery in the starter?

There is no battery in the starter.

Why does Mazda tribute just click when i try to start it?

Corroded battery terminals, defective battery, or starter.Corroded battery terminals, defective battery, or starter.

Why won't 91 Nissan pickup start when it has a new starter and battery?

Starter lockout relay, next to the battery.

Clicking and will not start?

Could be the battery is drained or bad. Could be battery connections at battery and or starter are dirty and or loose. Could be starter solenoid is bad. Could be starter is bad.

Chrysler minivan 1998 wont start and its not the battery?

If you mean that the battery is OK but the starter does not turn replace the starter, they are known to have weak starter solenoids,inside the starter.

How do you bypass the starter on your 1992 Cadillac Seville to get it to start?

I have the same problem somebody please HELP

How do you know if your starter or battery is bad?

If you can jump start the engine your starter is good.

Does a starter drain a battery?

A starter does drain a battery. The battery holds a charge so that you can use your starter to start the car. After the car is started the alternator recharges your battery and runs your car and all it's accessories. If your car won't start or is having a hard time starting you can drain your battery by repeated unsuccessful attempts to start it.

Why engine turns over then clicks and does not start?

Weak Battery? Loose or corroded battery cables? Weak starter solenoid? Bad starter? Weak Battery? Loose or corroded battery cables? Weak starter solenoid? Bad starter?

Can a bad starter keep your alternator and battery from charging?

YesFirst if the starter is bad the car will not start, if it will not start it can not charge the battery.If the starter will not work it can mean there is an electrical problem that will also prevent the alternator from charging the batteryThe starter itself CAN NOT CAUSE CHARGING PROBLEMS!The extra load on the battery can ruin the battery and that can ruin the alternator. But before that NO.

Why Ford truck does not start after turning off engine?

The starter could be bad. Or the battery. The starter could be bad. Or the battery.

You have 99 Chevy cavalier and it doest start is it battery radio still plays or is it starter and if it starter can i rebuild my own starter and if so how much would that be?

Sometimes there can be enough power in the battery to run electrical things but not enough to start the engine. You need to get the battery tested to see if it will hold a charge.You can try to jump start it using another battery. If it will not start this way,try charging the battery first before going on to the starter. If it turns out to be the starter, you can have it rebuilt. This can run about 20.00-40.00.

Why will your 1992 Jeep Cherokee not start?

starter, solonoid, ignition, battery. if it clicks when you turn the key then the battery is really dead or its the starter the battery could still be jumped if its the battery.

Why wont my 92 Chevy lumina 3.1 start?

Try getting a jump start. Could be a bad battery. If your battery is good, then you will need to get a new starter. It may be the Starter or the battery make be dead,

What will would stop a car not start but makes a clicking sound at the starter motor?

dead battery bad starter solenoid bad starter loose or corroded battery or starter cables

Car won't start clicks?

Poor battery condition. Loose and/or dirty battery connections. Faulty starter relay. Faulty starter solenoid. Faulty starter.

Why does my 1997 Plymouth voyager not start. When the key is in the ignition I turn the key over to the start position and there sounds like there is no power.?

Corroded battery post connections, defective battery, or defective starter.Corroded battery post connections, defective battery, or defective starter.

How do you remove a starter from a 02 impala?

I am currently having the same issue. First unhook the battery completely. Then you need to find where the wires on the starter are connected to the battery. Detach the wires from the starter that go to the battery. Once you have the starter wires completely detached from battery you can start removal of starter from engine block.

Car wont start but starter clicks?

The battery could be (almost) dead, or a battery cable could be lose. I would start by verying these. Also could be: Seized engine Bad starter Bad starter solenoid

If the Starter is good battery good car still wont start?

mabe the starter solenoid

Why wont a 1972 VW start with the starter but will when you pop the clutch?

Starter is defective, or battery is weak.

What does it mean when 1994 GMC Jimmy won't start just clicks?

Flat battery or sticky starter motor / solenoid - try re-charging battery or get a jump start Flat battery or sticky starter motor / solenoid - try re-charging battery or get a jump start

1970 Chevrolet truck wont start replaced the starter?

Dead battery? Loose or dirty battery cables? Bad starter solenoid? Bad starter? Neutral switch?

What cost car to not start?

usually its the starter or the battery.. depends

Will vw cabrio jump start with a bad starter?

If the starter is bad no. Check battery, starter and solenoid to be sure which is bad.