Why would a 1985 Toyota pick-up still have no spark after the coil fuses battery and relay switch have been replaced?

Check out your igniter it's the silver box under your coil. I had one go bad on my 86 toyota. this is the most common problem that they have it will cost you about $300.00 new, or $100.00 at the yard. I agree that it is most likely the ignitor but instead of using the shot gun method and just going out and buying one there's a few things you can do. Start at the coil, take off one of the spark plug wires atach one end to the coil put a spark plug in the other while grounding the sparkplug check for spark(use rubber handled pliers to hold the wire (this will eliminate a bad wire. Second using a wire turn the ignition to the on position test for power to the coil(ground to block check both connectors one should be constant the other should light when engine turns over if one and not the other take ignitor to be tested it is probably toast. If neither check for power to the ignitor if there is none your problem is further back(probably a fusable link or a bad wire. I find that it is best to start at the problem and work backwards one step at a time, it takes a bit of time but at least you don't go changing a bunch of parts that are perfectly good. Hope it helps sorry about the extra coil,(keep it for a spare)you never no. Check the pickup coil in the distributer. There is a two wire plug at the distributer where you can measure resistance with an ohm meter. If the meter shows open, it's a bad pickup coil. It could be a bad igniter, but it's more likely to be the picup coil.