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The brakes on this vehicle could be "frozen". When parked, the brakes were most likely warm; and, exposed to the elements, they formed a thin layer of oxidation as they cooled. Usually, this is an unnoticed condition since most cars are run after a relatively short period, which serves to wipe this oxidation away. In the instance where a vehicle has set for an extended period of time, this oxidation becomes a layer of full-fledged rust, presenting itself as a particular nuisance as it forms inside calipers and wheel cylinders and on caliper slides, rotors, and drums. Sometimes such a vehicle may be forcibly freed-up by yanking it free with another vehicle and a heavy chain; but, sometimes the wheels must be pulled and the brakes freed manually. Good luck. jb

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Q: Why would a 1986 Toyota Celica that has been sitting outside for over a year not move when put in gear with the engine running or pushed in neutral with the brake off?
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