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have you checked the fluid level in the battery.also all batterys lose charge over time if left sitting,specially if battery is getting near 3 years old

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Why does my laptop not charge?

Your laptop is unable to charge because of a problem with your adapter or the battery itself; try plugging out the battery and returning.

What will happen if you charge a fully charged battery?

It will start becoming reliant on the power source so you batteries life without charge will shorten because it will become unable to hold the power source.

How do you fix a cell phone when it says unable to charge?

you have to buy a new battery

When do you know when the car battery is charge?

once you are unable to start for no reason, you should check for battery power and try to recharge.

What causes the battery lite to come on for a ford contour?

Typically that means that the alternator is not functioning properly and is unable to maintain the battery charge. Many auto parts retailers will test the charging system for you, free of charge. If the battery light is on, have the charging system tested immediately, before your battery goes dead and you are unable to start the car.

Why is it not possible to recharge five year old battery on a Chevy G20?

As batteries age the cells will sulfate. Meaning they get a coating on the plates. Eventually they become unable to accept or produce a charge.

Why would a 1996 3500 dodge manual diesel not charge?

Bad alternator? Bad battery (Unable to take a charge) Bad fusable link?

Can the terminal voltage of a battery be zero?

No, Terminal voltage of a battery can't be zero. For example, if my mobile's battery is at low charge. It is showing only one point of charge on screen, but there will be no fluctuation on its screen, all the other features like audio, video, display will remain same unless it will become fully out of charge. Charge could be zero but the voltage can't be zero. Well, actually the terminal voltage of a battery can be zero, but only when the battery is totally dead and unable to take a charge (if it was a rechargeable type battery). At this point it must be disposed of. One exception is wet cell batteries (like lead acid), if the liquid electrolyte is removed the terminal voltage goes to zero but the battery is still good and can be restored to normal operation by refilling it with electrolyte. In fact wet cell batteries are often sold fully charged but with no electrolyte and their terminal voltage is thus zero on the store shelf until the salesman fills them with electrolyte.

What would cause your 98 Honda civic dx to not hold a charge on battery-you changed alternator and battery is not holding charge-electrical system is going up and down-in other words when lights are o?

Have you verified that the replacment alternator is working? Test both the alternator and the battery. If a battery is allowed to go completely dead and then it sits for a few days it will "sulphate", meaning that the lead plates turn to lead sulphate, making them unable to hold a charge.

Why would extreme cold cause a car battery to die when car is not running?

Extreme cold by itself will not cause battery failure. If the battery is discharged for any reason, such as the alternator did not fully charge the battery last time the engine was run, perhaps something was left ON last time the engine was running or possibly even the battery had an internal short, then another condition can enter into the situation. A battery cell can freeze and crack the case if the cell is allowed to completely discharge. Also, if the cell completely discharges then sits for a period of time, the plates in the cell can "sulphate", making them unable to ever take a charge again. Understand that a battery is nothing more than a storage device. It does not MAKE electricity, it only stores what was produced by the alternator.

What period is it when a cell is unable to accept another stimulus?

refactory period

Why would a 1986 Mustang 5.0 start and run for a while but when you turn it off and try to start it it sounds like the battery is dead and won't start but when you jump it it starts right up?

Battery is dead or the alternator is bad. Have your battery tested at an auto parts store such as pep boys. Chances are your battery will test bad - unable to hold charge.

What does it mean when the battery light comes on on a 1996 dodge caravan?

It usually means that the alternator is unable to charge the battery. The usual causes are a bad battery, bad alterator, bad battery cables or bad voltage regulator. Have the charging system checked (many repair shops and some auto parts shops will do this for free, especially if they feel it will mean a sale).

What happens when you kill the car battery?

The car will then be unable to start.

What can cause Battery drain 1997 ford expedetion?

Old battery unable to hold a charge? Hidden accessory left on? (glove box light, under hood light, etc.) Bad voltage regulator (not opening circuit on shutdown)? Excessive parasytic load?

If something happened to president Obama would the Vice president be in charge?

Yes. If Obama becomes unable to function as President, Joe Biden would become the President.

Is there anyway of charging a car battery when your unable to get to the battery?

Yes! You can buy trickle chargers that work through the cigarette lighter.

Unable to remove battery in Renault Megane Scenic 'T Reg'?

Is it the location of the battery,If it is, its under the drivers seat. The drivers seat tilts to reveal the battery.

Can having worms prevent you from starting your period?

if you are nutritionally unable to carry a child you will likely not have a period.

What do you do when your laptop says no battery detected?

Check if the battery is physically there and if it is there is it properly seated. The other possibility is that the battery is so drained that the system is unable to detect its presence. If it is the later you may need to replace the battery.

What does drought affect?

a drought is where there is no rainfall for a long period of time making vegetation unable to grow and animals unable to survive. :)

Will your car start if your alternater goes out?

You will be running off the battery power only. Once the battery is run down you be stuck, unable to start.

If unable cant get pregnant is it because ovulation is during a period?

ovulation and period are interchangeable words. 10 days after your period is when you are most fertile, try getting pregnant then. if you are unable you might want to visit an OBGYN and see if there is something wrong.

Why do gases and pure liquids unable to conduct electricity?

There are no free electrons to carry a charge.

What are the symptoms of a bad battery or cables?

The symptom of a bad battery or cable is the starter is unable to get the power to start the engine. You can use a digital multimeter to check to see if it is the cables or test the battery for the definite cause.

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