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Sometimes an ignition coils will break down under heat and not fire properly. Start there and see if it helps.


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Would a vacuum problem cause a 1986 Chevy Corvette to change very rough between first and second gears?

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Why would a Chevy Corvette be hard to start?

A lot of the time Chevy used aluminum battery cables in their cars,(in particular my 1980) I was continually having starting and battery problems until I replaced the cables with copper.

What if the Chevy Corvette did not exist?

If the Chevy Corvette did not exist, then presumably the movie "Corvette Summer" starring Mark Hamill would not have been made. But possibly Mark Hamill would have appeared in some other move instead. It's hard to be sure about alternate realities, they can be slippery.

What would make a 94 corvette run rough when temperature reaches 180F?

A 1994 Corvette might run rough when the temperature of the engine reaches 180 degrees Fahrenheit because of a blown head gasket. This is also a symptom of a cracked block.

Which one would win in a race a Chevy Corvette or a Lamborghini Murcielago?

Most likely the Lamborghini Murcielago. It has a top speed of over 200 mph. The corvette only is over 150 mph.

Which is faster out of a Chevy corvet and a Buick grand national?

it depends on the corvette, but assuming its an 87 corvette and an 87 grand national both stock, i would say that it would probably be the grand national but it depends on the track, and if one of them has a ferrari enzo motor

Why is my 1998 Chevy Cheyenne idling really rough?

I would suggest a new set of plug wires.

Which are the most popular Chevrolet Corvette cars?

I would say, by far, the Chevrolet Corvette is the most popular and widely recognized of all the Chevy models. It is such a classic look that has held through the ages and just about everyone likes it.

Is there a picture of the 1927 Corvette?

Since there was no 1927 Corvette the answer would be NO.

1992 Corvette runs till 190 degree then backfires?

1992 lt1 corvette runs good until it reaches 190 degrees the starts rough idel and backfires/ the car would kinda run rich in its past with black smoke at times

1979 Chevy Corvette 350 5.7l engine Why would coolant leak from the timing chain area?

Check water pump and pump gasket.

What would win in a race a Corvette zr1 or a lamborghini?

Corvette. Anyday

Will 1973 Corvette hood fit a 1981 Corvette?

it depends on what style of 81 corvette, But a doubt it would work.

What would when in a race a 69 dodge charger or a 74 Chevy stingray corvette?

A charger has more HP and more preformance with a bigger engine the charger would most likely win!

What are the most iconic American cars of all time?

Chevy Corvette and Ford Mustang. I cannot disagree with the above answer but I would include the Ford Model T.

Which is faster Corvette or viper?

It really depends on what corvette, if you ask about a corvette zr1 vs a viper, i think the corvette zr1 beats it by a mile,but if you ask about the corvette zo6 than i guess the viper would tie the corvette or beat it by a second.

Can you put a 350 corvette engine in a 2005 Chevy impala?

Chevy already put the 5.3 Liter V8 in the Impala in 2006. It makes 303 H.P. Putting a 5.7 could be done, but the expense would be great. I would just look for a factory V8.

Why would a 95 f-250 run rough only at normal operating temp?

Because it is a ford, buy a Chevy

Is there nickel in a Corvette?

The only nickel I can think of in a Corvette, would be in the engine bearing inserts.

Would the computer in a 1984 Chevy blazer have anything to do with your engine not getting fire and not starting?

yes it would or it might be the starter

Where can I buy a used corvette?

I would search on ebay or craiglist for a used corvette at an affordable price.

What would cause a 1988 Chevy S10 to run rough for the first 2-3 minutes while keeping your foot on the gas after starting it a mechanic friend said it was the injectors?

Try changing the coolant temp sensor, the one next to the thermostat housing.

What would cause rough ride at higher speed in a 98 Chevy Cavalier?

you most likely need an alignment or your tires just need to be balanced

What would be be entailed in replacing an LS7 with an LS1 in a 1999 Chevy Corvette coupe?

Are you sure you have your LS numbers correct? Your Car came with an LS1, but the LS7 is just the latest engine out and it is in the ZO6.

Why would you have inconsistant spark from the distributor to the plug when the coil provides consistent spark on a Chevy Corvette?

mabey bad plug wires or plugs....or rotor in the distributor...but im 16 what do i know