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Me AgainOk everyone I have a few ideas of what it might be but i still want opinons on the matter. The Vacuum Advance was wire tied on(yes its funny) but tonight i have epoxy'd it on right to see if it helped any. It didnt much ive been told it was the distributor or fuel pump but i still wanted some help anyone have any other ideas? same boat different yearwell it's nice to know im not the owner of a possessed car lol! my 1988 Honda accord lx does the same thing. have you had an e check on it. probably not if like most states cars that are x amount of years old aren't required to pass one just safety. i am about to remove my catalytic converter and see if that helps could be the pump don't think it's the distributor cuz i just gave mine a tune up and it started after that. or all vacuum hoses to carb ar faulty. if you figure it out let me know
2011-09-13 17:13:27
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Why does battery brake and brake lamp indicators come on at same time for a 2001 Honda Accord EX V6.?

It means your alternator is going.. atleast that's what it meant when it happened on my 2000 accord ex.

How many miles does a 1994 Honda Accord get?

My 1994 Accord LX has 208,000 miles and is still going.

Where can one find parts for a 96 Honda Accord?

There are a few places where one can find parts for a 96 Honda Accord. This includes going to a Honda dealership, as well as looking at part suppliers online.

How do you remove the headliner on a 93 Honda accord?

i am going to replace my headliner in my 93 Honda accod, need to information

What does the igniter do on a 96 Honda Accord?

I had to replace the igniter on my 1996 Honda Accord it was replaced with an aftermarket device. My question is this going to work as good as the original Honda igniter.It will either work or it will not. It should work just fine.

How much horsepower on a 92 Honda Accord going 70 mph and straight road and no wind?

How much horsepower on a 92 Honda Accord going 70 mph on flat road and no wind the motor is 1.6 liter and a 4 cylinder

How do fix a 98 Honda Accord that is stuck on Parking Gear?

My 1998 Honda Accord LX was getting stuck intermittently in Park. I found that the switch that turns on the brake light when you press the bake pedal was going out. This switch is $32.00 at any Honda dealer and most importantly YOU can change it yourself. Ironically, that same switch activates the gear shifter pin that lets you take it in and out of gear.

Where can one purchase a 2003 Honda Accord?

There are many places someone could buy a 2003 Honda accord from, you could try going to your local Honda dealer and see what they have available or you could look at eBay motors dot com.

Why is there power going into the distributor coil but none coming out in a 1992 Honda accord?

Bad coil?

Does the Honda Accord have any special deals or promotions going on right now?

There are many special deals going on this time for Honda Accords. It is actually the time of year when the dealers are trying to get rid of the 2011 vehicles so that they can move the 2012's in the door. Now is a great time to purchase a Honda Accord.

How do you diagnose a starter going out 97 Honda accord?

It usually make a tick sound when you turn the ignition.

What does the fuel pump relay look like on a 1989 Honda Accord?

The 1989 Honda accord fuel pump relay switch is contained in a square metal box. The switch will have two wires going to it. The switch should be labeled.

Will a 2000 Honda prelude engine fit into a 1994 Honda accord?

ya sure all u are going to have to do is a wire for ur v tech..dats it .the engine will drop right in u can even use ur accord tranny...?

How does a vacuum line diagram for a 1987 Honda accord look like?

I vacuum diagram for a 1989 Honda Accord looks visually like a maze. There are several lines going into different mechanical parts that need air to function properly.

1990 Honda accord brake peddle sounds like air is in ther when pressed down?

Are you saying you hear a sucking sound when you push the brake pedal? If so, you may have a vacuum leak at the brake booster mounted behind the master cylinder. Check the hose going to the booster. The booster may also have a busted diaphragm and need replacing.

How do you change a Honda accord battery without car alarm going off?

Disarm the alarm before removing the battery.

Does my Honda Accord dx have a crank sensor?

there is no fire going to my fuel pump why is this I changed the main fuel pump relay

How do you stop a Honda Accord 88's Rpms from going to 0 everytime you push in the clutch?

Is it stalling? If not, dont worry about it, your fine. My 90 accord does that everyonce in a while but continues to run.

Where is the brake light fuse for 92 Honda accord?

Under the hood in the fuse box next to the passenger hood hinge. It is #42 and labeled "Stop & Horn", NOT BRAKE! It is a 20 amp fuse. Before looking for this fuse, test your horn. If it beeps then the fuse is NOT blown! If the fuse is good and the brake lights still don't go on, test the brake light switch. If the switch is bad it will also keep you from going out of park and into gear!

Does a 2001 Honda Accord LX V6 have a timing belt or chain?

definitely going to have a belt. chains are not used often anymore

What are the possible problems for your 97 Honda accord electric window having a hard time going up?

Try lubricating the tracks

How much is the average price of brake pads for a Honda civic?

To replace the brake pads of a Honda Civic it is going to cost anywhere from 144 to 207 dollars. This price increases to as much as up to 289 dollars, if the rotors have to be resurfaced.

How much does it cost to the muffler on a 1992 Honda Accord?

On a 1992, I would just put a "universal fit" turbo muffler on it and be done. An Official Honda Muffler is going to cost you hundreds of dollars.

Is the wire going to the parking brake positive or ground Honda prelude 1994?

The wire should rest at 12V+ or zero but when the parking brake is on the wire goes 12V- .

What does the speed sensor do on a Honda Accord?

It tells the computer how fast you're going. The data it produces is used by the speedometer and the cruise control system.