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i had the same problem when i smogged my truck and it is probaly two things the extenison connector to a little sensor on the passenger side fender wall next to the fire wall. just follow the vacuum lines from the egr valve. all it is an 2 inche extenison to a connector that can go bad from time to time and you really don't need it. just plug the sensor back in.

the egr position valve sensor. the little plastic thing connect to the outside of the egr valve on the of the enginge to the rear. this part will run you around $30 - $45 dollars

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Q: Why would a 1990 Ford Ranger 2.3L 5 speed with 106667 miles check engine light come on when driving at low rpms but go off at higher rpms?
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Which engine is stock in the 1989 ford ranger?

I would assume the 2.3 L SOHC 4 cylinder was the stock engine , with the 2.9 L V6 being optional or included as part of a higher trim level

What RPM is the cheapest in driving cars?

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What does driving at low speed 20mph in second gear for 10 - 15 minutes do to your car?

Nothing. Makes the engine rev higher.

What causes your engine to drag while starting and spark knock while driving?

The timing is set higher than recommended. It needs to be retarded.

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Well, driving at highway speeds in any vehicle in 2nd gear, will raise the RPM of the engine, meaning that the engine is working that much harder to maintain the speed. As the engine constantly revs at a higher RPM, it heats up alot quicker, which in the end could do alot of damage to your car. And if its a Lexus, i would advise to SWITCH gears and keep an eye on your RPM and temperature gauge

What is over drive for the ford exporer?

Overdrive is an extra gear assembly in the transmission that allows the engine to run at a lower speed (lower RPM) when you are travelling at higher speeds on the highway or freeway. For example, if I am driving my 1995 Explorer at 62 mph in drive, the engine runs at 2800 RPM. If I am driving at 62 MPH in overdrive, the engine runs around 2100 RPM.

2003 Ford ranger 2.3 engine 5-speed AT do i turn off the overdrive when in city?

Overdrive allowed is the normal position - it actually won't shift into overdrive until the speed is higher

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My car temperature gauge goes to cold when am driving at 40mph or higher is that my eatercore?

Sounds like it could be a bad thermostat - not closing to allow engine to heat to normal operating temperature

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check the rubber tube next to the the lower intake manifold gasket, there is probably a hole on the underside of the tube coming directly off the engine. (it is a manufacturer defect)

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91 foxbody mustang gt If the rear end gear were changed to a 373 gearwill that produce additional wear and tear on the motor?

When you are driving on the highway / freeway your engine will be revving higher , your maximum speed will be reduced , with your engine revving higher it will most likely be noisier and I'm assuming your gas mileage would be poorer , just like not using your overdrive

What makes a 2000 Ford Ranger miss at speeds of 55mph or higher?

Because it's a Ford

Why is 1999 Chrysler cirrus whining while driving?

For me it was the idler pully. A pretty cheap part. $15 I think. And only an hour or so to change. The problem was the bearing in it was shot. It would make a whining sound that got louder/higher pitch as the engine revved higher.

Why does your check engine light sometimes come on only while driving at 50MPH and higher?

Some cars have faulty check engine lights. IF you already had the car checked out then you should be fine. If not do so. you would think that all the money we spend on cars the would have worked the kinks out.

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