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Very common in these cars, the clutch most likely went out on you and it is expensive to get fixed!!!!!!!!! or.....u need tras fluid in the trans if it still wont shift.....u blow the trans sorry....

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โˆ™ 2006-01-01 07:32:35
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Q: Why would a 1990 Ford Taurus SHO not shift into first or second gear?
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Where can you get a replacement barrel for a Taurus millennium pt145 pro?

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If a three speed bike gear shift will not shift from first to second gear what would be the cause?

Cable too slack.

What would cause 1997 Taurus to shift one day and not the next Doesn't shift out of first but for seemingly no reason next start up will shift just fine?

Answer:I had the same problem with my Taurus and found out that the vss (vehicle speed sensor) was sending a faulty signal to the transmission. autozone has it for $30.00 and it takes about 15 min. to put in.

Why would a 1998 Chevy Venture only drive in second gear?

My 1997 would not shift out of first gear, was 'throttle position sensor'.

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What would cause a 1994 Chevy S-10 to run rough then only shift to second when letting off the accelerator and not shift out of second gear?

check transmission fluid level first. one of the shift sensors needs replacing you need to read codes to find out what is problem

Why would a car reverse in first and second gear and go forward in reverse gear?

Shift linkages not put in the correct spots.

Why would a turbo350 make a sound like it pop's out of gear shifting from first to second gear and then not shift at all?

maybe you broke something!

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Why would a 1996 Ford Taurus 3.0 dohc engine ax4n not shift into overdrive?

Most likely culprit would be a bad shift solenoid. Take your car to a parts store and see if they can find any codes with the code scanner.

Would a bad chain in my NP 249 transfer case 1996 jeep grand Cherokee make a grinding noise when shift from first to second?


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What might be the cause for 1995 ford Taurus with 3 Liter V6 and automatic transmission to feel slipping or sluggish when starting to shift from first to second then shifts hard when the gear changes?

The first thing I would do is change the transmission filter and fluid and have the transmission flushed. This is the cheapest thing you can do to remedy the problem, and it should be done every few years. I hope this helps you. Mark

Why would a 1988 Ford Taurus not go over 25 MPH the transmission has plenty of fluid and when in drive it gets to second and then pops back down to first?

Replace your transaxle

Why would 2002 alero shift hard from first to second gear?

Mine did the same thing. Change the throttle position sensor. It's only $20.

Why would the ac on a 1999 Taurus not come on?

Check the refrigerant level first.

How do I know I am in fwd if the indicator light does not come on in a 97 k1500 manual transfer shift truck?

If I'm not mistaken, it appears that your truck is a "manual transmission"? There would be no indicator light - you shift into first gear, and then as you approve about 10 or 15 mph you would shift to second. I recommend the "learning manual transmission for dummies" - actually a very well written instruction book on learning how to shift.

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Why wont your Ford Taurus go forward or backwards when I start it?

Could be many reasons for this.. I would first check that the shift cable was secure in it's position on the change lever on top of the transmission. If this is secure then you have a transmission problem. Possibly the pump or pump drive shaft. Either way trans will have to come off the car and that is the expensive part.

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Some of the newer computer controlled transmissions will not go into gear or shift until they are warm. I have a 97 Taurus did would not shift out of first when motro got up to normal running temp. Mechanic said we had a bad trans. I change the filter and fluid and it has been runnig good for about a month. maybe a sticky valve in trans

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Why would a 1994 Taurus downshift too early?

Assuming nothing is broken, I would change the trans fluid and filter first.

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