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Why would a 1991 190E 2.6 engine bog down and almost die out and stutter when given gas from a stop?


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It's possible the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor is not functioning properly. As you give it gas the MAF should open the throttle body and allow a proper mixture of air/gas. If one component is not working right then it is concievable that you could be "flooding" the engine enough for it to bog down, but once you start moving you escape a complete stall. There are many components that might be involved (O2 sensor, air temp sensor could be bad). For expert opinion check out the Rev!


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There are various reasons why your car would almost stall when idling. In most cases, this might be an indication of the engine lacking power or capacity due to the failure of the pistons. You should contact a mechanic to diagnose the problem.

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