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Check the U joints and motor mounts. You may have also stripped teeth in your tranny, transfer case or diffs

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When you put gmc vandura in reverse the transmission seems to drop into gear and is not very smooth do you need a new transmission?

replace your CV joints (constant velocity joints) It's the two (or sometimes only one) 'knuckles' on your drive shaft under the van

How do joints move?

The joints are much like a ball and socket, with the cartillage and fluids cushioning and lubricating them so they can move easily.

Why does transmission vibrate?

its not the trans but the u joints

What are the different types of sterile body fluids?

I think Pleural (lungs), Peritoneal (abdomen), and Pericardial (heart) fluids are normally sterile. Also, synovial (joints) and cerebral spinal fluids.

What joints a capsule with synovial fluid?

Joints that have a joint capsule are usually called synovial joints. They are sometimes also referred to as freely moving joints, and the medical term for them is diarthrotic joints.

After replacing cvc joints where do you add fluid?

It will be added to the transmission.

What is the clunking noise from rear axle on 2003 Chevrolet suburban?

Probably the U-joints.

Why does a Mercedes 300 with automatic transmission clunk on acceleration and deceleration?

Worn U joints, flex disks, or CV joints.

What makes transmission clunk when it down shift at 30 mph?

Possibly weak u-joints or transmission mounts

Where are the grease certs on a 1993 Chevrolet pickup?

Look on the ball joints, tie rod ends, & universal joints on the drive shaft. If you see none it has none.

What joints are used to make a bedside cabinet?

Dovetail joints and dowel joints are usually use to make a bedside cabinet. Sometimes a groove is used

Where is the differential in a 2004 Chevy cavalier?

its in the transmission where the cv joints enter in thata about it

What are some things that can damage the cars engine Suspension transmission etc For Ex Can burning out in your car hurt more than just your tires?

Motor mounts transmission Universal joints Differential CV joints Springs Struts

What is the function of body fluids in your body?

To reduce friction between the bones. It also lubricates the joints and allows smooth movements.

What is universal joints?

Universal joints allow a drive shaft to constantly change angles while transmitting rotary motion from the transmission to the front or rear differential.

What is the tissue that cushions joints called?

The tissue that makes up the lining between the joints that both cushion and make a low friction surface is known as "cartilage" this tissue is also lubricated with synovial fluids.

Why do human joints pop?

due to trauma and degenerative changes. In a healthy person sometimes joints just pop. Synovial joints make fluid to ease movement and the fluid degrades and emits gasses and makes a popping noise The Synovial joints of the body are normally bathed in synovial fluids and are generally pretty well contained. this leads to a situation where there is a degree of pressure in and around the joints. if the joint is moved in such a way as to cause this pressure to be reduced gasses such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide are released from the fluid causing the poping/cracking noise. the principle is similar to what happens when opening a bottle of soft drink.

Are Ball joints same as universal joints?

Ball joints are in the front suspension, it is basically what the wheel assembly pivots on when you turn. Universal joints are on the ends of the drive shaft in a rear wheel drive vehicle. At the transmission and rear end. They give the drive line some flexibility. The same principal is in front wheel drive but are referred to as constant velocity joints, or CV joints.

Transmission fluid up but car wont move?

If the transmission has electronic controls, then a module could be bad. If not, then the transmission could need a rebuild. If it is a front wheel drive, check the cv joints for damage.

Why does uric acid accumulate in joints?

When there is too much uric acid in the blood it reaches a saturation point at which it starts to turn back into a crystal. When this happens the crystals find it easy to settle in the synovial fluids around certain joints, although they in extreme cases they can affect many of the body's joints and damage the kidney's. Uric acid is usual cleared from the system through the kidneys with urine, however sometimes to much may be produced or there is a problem with the kidney to clear it.

U joint troubleshoot 94 Chevrolet pickup?

is there u joints on the front next to the wheels on a 94 chev 4/4

Why does the transmission clunk when shifting gears?

Are you sure it is the transmission that is clunking? It could be the u-joints on the drive shaft that are making the noise. When the u-joints on the drive shaft are bad, there is an audble clunk when you accelerate and when slowing down (basically the same motions you go through when shifting gears).

Is there anything inside a transmission on a 2000 buick lesabre that would cause vibration?

The transmission is usually pretty vibration free. Check the CV joints. Hopefully it is not the flywheel.

What holds bones together in movable joints?

joints do... you know when you cook chicken and sometimes there is that white spot that's crunchy on the end of the bone... that's the joint.

What is the effect of water pressure at the pipe joints?

Water constantly exerts pressure on pipe joints. I have seen old soldered joints flying apart when subjected to extreme pressure or trains passing nearby. This sometimes happens with plastic pipe also if joints are not thoroughly set .