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Did you take off that big black plastic........ahem "spoiler" off the front of the beneath the radiator??? THATS NOT A SPOILER!! ITS AN AIR DAM IT PULLS AIR FROM UNDERNEATH THE CAR UP INTO THE RADIATOR TO COOL THE ENGINE. Alot of people pull them off because they scrape on all the bumps and dips..........DO NOT DO THIS!!!


AnswerWe had the same problem and yeas we did have the black plastic spoiler underneath. The problem is that the fans don't kick on until 220 degrees. Hypertech sells a replacement switch that can either turn them on at 200 or 180 degrees. AnswerI haven't had that problem, but i mechanic. It could be that you thermostat is stuck or it doesn't open at a low enough temperature. You can fix this problem by buying a new thermostat or replacing it with one that opens at a lower temperature. It should probably be un 10 dollars. Answeri would half to disagree that's not always true removing the thermostat can fih the problem of over heating how ever it is posibl to worsen the problem i gess theratickly but all the times i have done it my cars would run cold wich means your heat don't work any ways try your fan relay check to see if your fan kicks on just let the car sit and idle if it over heats and the fan don't kick on get a fan relay check fuse under hood and inside car if it still don't work check fan motor i do this by un hooking fan wires and runing a + wire from battery and a groung wire from battery if it comes on fan is good

Do you have a thermostat installed? Alot of people seem to think that if they remove the thermostat the engine will run cooler,This is not true! The water will flow through the cooling system to fast not giving the radiator enough time to ebsorb the heat from the coolent. You can buy restrictor plates from jegs or Summit racing. They come in 3 packs 1/2 5/8 and 3/4.I have a 468 cubic inch big block Chevy with 13.5 to 1 compression, roller cam, griffen radiator,high flow water pump,I use a 5/8 restrictor plate and it solved my over heating problems.

Make sure you check your fan shroud. If you don't have one, get it. This makes a huge improvement to cooling. Also, camaro temp guages go bad, so check to make sure you're really running hot. They run pretty close to bioling point at operating temp, so my solution is to get an aftermarket guage just to test it, then return it if yours is still good. Restrictors work good too, definitely DO NOT try to make the water run through the radiator faster, it's a bad move.

2011-09-13 17:13:33
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