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Q: Why would a 1991 Corsica just lose power driving down the road and die and sometimes start right back up other times you kill the battery trying?
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Why does trying to place battery terminal on to battery post it welds?

You have the connections reversed.

How do you fix your RC car my tires spin in the air but when it touches the ground they stop?

Sometimes that happens when the battery is low, try recharging it and the trying it on a flat ground (not brick)

What happens when your phones battery looks fat?

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Can a bad battery make a motorcycle stall?

Yes it can. The alternator is trying to work overtime with no battery juice.

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ATV no spark?

Usually if there is no spark when trying to start a all terrain vehicle the battery is dead. Check the battery terminals or try charging the battery.

Trying to start the car with the bad battery before starting the car with the good battery can help avoid which problem?

you can avoid draining the good battery

How far can a Prius go on battery only?

Optimal mileage for a Prius is not obtained by trying to drive extended distances on just the battery. This will actually lower your overall MPG. Driving on just the battery will be encouraged with the introduction of plug-in models around 2010, but until then just drive current model Prius like any other car. But, to answer the question; about a mile on flat ground starting with a nearly full battery.

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Why is harley Davidson engine clicking when trying to start?

Low Battery

2007 Nissan Altima clicks when trying to start?

dead battery

Clicking noise when trying to start vehicle?

Maybe flat battery?

What caused your car to cut off while driving only to give off a ticking noise when trying to restart?

If the car is ticking but not turning over when trying to start, it sounds as if it's an electrical issue. The ticking sound is probably the starter solenoid. It sounds like there's not enough current to engage the starter. (They require quite a bit of juice.) I'd suggest checking the battery, alternator, and battery cables.

Audia4 not startingNo warnings just suddenly wont start at all.dashboard lights dull when trying to start no turn or sound. sometimes quick clicking when trying to start.can jump.Battery or short?

If your battery is dieing all the time/it might be your alternator/or check your fuses & clean them/cuz clicking noise means battery dead/will jump though but might very well be alt...

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What is a parasitic load on a battery?


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99 Ford Taurus makes a fast clicking sound when trying to start it and check engine and battery light go on Is it a dead battery?

Probably a dead battery but you may wish to check your battery terminals for corrosion.

When trying to start your 1999 dodge intrepid it just clicks?

Battery is dead.

What should you do when your battery dies because lights where left on?

Well you should charge the battery. Often times the battery will recharge itself if you alow it to sit without trying to crank it again.

Why would a Chrysler Cirrus just click when trying to start?

Possible causes include a weak battery, battery connections, and a failed starter.

When trying to start only hear a click?

It could be, a dead battery, dirty or loose battery connections, a bad starter, the engine is seized.