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Two possibilities come to mind, strictly theoretical since I don't work as a mechanic, I am an engineer: 1. Running too rich. This lowers the combustion temperature which keeps NOX low but the unburned hydrocarbons and incomplete combustion result in high HC and CO emission. Check O2 sensor, airflow/airmass sensor, computer codes, injectors, etc. 2. An alternative theory is that the catalyst is no longer effective, or perhaps if it has air injection, the air pump is no longer doing its job - the catalyst cannot burn off the pollutants because there is no oxygen available in the exhaust stream or the material is no longer usable.

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Q: Why would a 1992 Accord EX fail an emissions test with high hc CO2 but pass the nox in the 40 kmhr test?
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Why would Honda Accord fail emissions test at idle speed?

I would try oxygen sensor but you need to put it on the machine which will tell you for sure. good luck

Will car pass emissions in Illinois with airbag light on?

The airbag light would have nothing to do with emissions. If they are doing a safety inspection, it would fail.

Can the fuel filter fail emissions?

A dirty fuel filter could force a lean condition causing the check engine light to iluminate. In which case the vehicle would fail an emissions test.

Why would a Buick Century Sedan fail for emissions?

Usually it is the O2 sensor

Will your car fail the emissions test in IL if the check engine light is on?

Yes if it is emissions related.

Will a knock sensor code fail a nys inspection?

That will cause you to fail an emissions inspection. Anything which triggers the CEL will, because everything which triggers it will adversely impact the emissions system on that vehicle.

What happens if you have a muffler without a catylitic converter on it?

you will fail the emissions test.

What is the problem of non functioning of erg in cars?

The vehicle will fail an emissions test.

Does a catalytic converter cause a car to fail emissions?

Yes, it can if faulty or missing.

Will a you damage your truck if you continue to drive it with the p0449 code?

No, but you will fail an emissions test.

Will car pass emission in Ohio with air bag light on?

Emissions, yes. If there's an inspection for vehicle safety systems, it would fail that one.

How would a P0440 code affect a 2000 Chevy S-10?

P0440 = EVAP Emission Control System Malfunction. The Check Engine light would illuminate and you would fail an emissions test.

Can your car be tested for emissions if your check engine light is on?

It will fail most tests if the light is on.

Does it hurt to remove oxygen pump on 2.8 V6?

It may fail the emissions test.

Will a bad catalytic converter cause you to fail the emissions portion of the smog test?


What happens if air pump is bad on vehicle?

The vehicle may fail the emissions test.

Would the evap pressure sensor make a 99 cevy s10 4.3 vortec not ro start?

No. It would cause the check engine light to illuminate and fail an emissions test but it would start and run.

Will bad oxygen sensors cause me to fail the emissions test?

Problems with the oxygen sensors are quite likely to cause emissions test problems. The car computer cannot properly adjust the air/fuel mixture to regulate the emissions.

What happens to the auto when the secondary air injection system goes out?

The vehicle will fail an emissions test.

Does a transmission go out quickly or over time on 2003 Honda Accord?

It can fail suddenly. There is a recall on all 2003-2004 Honda Accord transmissions as there was a problem with lubrication.

When the cadillac converter is broken does the car have power still?

The Catalytic Converter is an emissions control device on your car and can be disabled (illegally). Your car will still have power if it is broken/disabled but will fail emissions.

What can it mess up in my car that's needing a new catalytic converter?

The vehicle will fail the emissions test.

Can an oxygen sensor cause the car to fail emissions test?

Yes, along with dozens of other things.

Will the knock sensor cause A car to fail a smog test?

Yes. Any faulty emissions control sensor, including knock sensors, will result in an automatic fail of any emissions control test, period. It doesn't even matter if your vehicle's actual exhaust emissions are within acceptable limits. In most cases, once it is determined that a sensor is bad, the test is ended immediately, and considered failed.

Does a bad egr valve cause you to fail a state emissions test?

Yes it does and the code that was given to me for that was P400 and p1491