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Why would a 1992 Caprice cop car accelerate when you are at a stop or turning sharp curves?


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2010-04-13 17:05:34
2010-04-13 17:05:34

Check for a vacuum leak. I've had vehicles suddenly increase engine speed when the brakes were applied. This was because the diaphragm in power brake booster had failed.

Answersounds like the cuise controls are kicking on & off at will i only seen this once. its called " sudden acceleration " and is very dangerous!! please send this car in to a dealer to diagnos this it really worth the expense. and your life for that matter. AnswerI would yank the fuse from the cruise control and see if it makes it stop doing that. VBD

Are you sure it's not a toyota? ;-)

Check the motor mounts. Older Chevy's did this when the engine tilted up on one side thereby pulling the throttle cable.


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