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Why would a 1992 Corsica not blow warm or hot heat if you have changed the heater core and themostat and flushed the whole system?


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2005-01-26 05:12:27
2005-01-26 05:12:27

Did you bleed the system making sure that there is no air in the system. Check the rad cap to ensure that it holds the pressure


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cost to replace heater core 1994 corsica

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it could be the thermostat needs to be changed or the heater core needs to be flushed out.these would be the cheaper things to try first.

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it might be your a/c heater blend door actuator is bad and not closing when the heat is or you need to bleed your system

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Have the heater core flushed. It might be plugged up with corrosion and dirt.

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